‘They clear their consciences by sending Angelina Jolie to Syria’

Making a statement in Kırklareli, Interior Minister Süleyman Soylu stated that Turkey is in a difficult geography.

Minister Soylu said that many people lost their lives in Syria, “So many children were killed. They send Angelina Jolie there, they take a picture in a camp, and then they clear their consciences. They say, ‘We helped’. There is only one nation that helps and helps the most, and that is this great nation. Believe me, there are small children there. Only 4 million people live in Idlib. Without the briquette houses we build, they will live in tents in winter and summer.” used the phrases.


“They say, ‘We need to get rid of the world without radicalization.’ Who said that? England, France, Germany, Europe, America…” Soylu said, “Well, if these children don’t study there, if these children experience all the hardships of this war there, won’t they be angry with the world? Don’t they become radicalized? Don’t they act otherwise? Why do they allow this to happen? Just for one thing. To make Islam look bad. It is so clear and clear. They have set up their game well. They want this region to be uneasy. What do they want for Turkey? Turkey is just like Iraq, just like Syria, just like Yemen, just like Libya, just like the instability in the Balkans… Look, Bulgaria There is an election on October 2. The 4th election in the last 2 years. 6 parties became a coalition, they could not run for 7 months. said.


Saying that a part of the world is very cruel, Soylu continued:

“When The Slave Isaura movie came out, all those who had television would be hung up on him. They would internalize that state of him and objected. They both exploited, exploited their mines and exploited their labor. 2 African countries are neighbors to each other, one speaks French and one speaks English. They cannot speak their own language. The other day Macron went to Algeria, they protested him in Algeria. The President of France went to Algeria. They protested him in Algeria. However, we go to the Balkan countries, Algeria, no matter which country we go to in this geography. We go down in history as a nation where one’s people, each one’s nation, did not receive taxi fare. They say that your ancestors paid your fare.”

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