They are knitting Greek socks on the head of Turkey

For Turkish media, Cyprus means the title with the lowest reading rate and no rating. The indifference and ignorance caused by this point of view over the years cause many problems and evaluation errors when Cyprus becomes a sack that is tried to be put in charge of Turkey today.

We have been talking about the US lifting the arms embargo on Cyprus for the last week. That information is also wrong, but we should not miss the most important point. The effort to make Southern Cyprus a NATO member, which started in the USA when Trump was president, continues at an accelerated pace during the Biden period. Between July 5 and August 5 this year, the US Special Forces gave military training to the Greek Cypriot National Guard.

Some people were relieved because TRNC President Ersin Tatar said that Southern Cyprus did not have money to buy weapons. However, the USA has turned the Russia-Ukraine war into an opportunity to arm Southern Cyprus as it wishes. He will take the old Russian and French-made weapons in the hands of the Greek Cypriot administration and send them to Ukraine, and give the ones he owns to the Greeks. There will be those who say that Israel sells the Iron Dome. Since the USA contributes to the financing of the Iron Dome system, Israel cannot export this system without the approval of the USA. In other words, there is another US bench in the middle.

In recent years, the Greek Cypriots had begun to implement a program to strengthen their weapon systems. Some of the weapons they were after were defensive weapons. For example, they signed an agreement to buy systems from Serbia to provide umbrella bombardment against tanks. The Greek Cypriots’ spending on defense weapons is not very important, but what is really annoying is their budget for offensive weapons. For example, they have been trying to buy 12 attack helicopters for a while. They sought to sell their 11 Mi-35P helicopters to Serbia and replace them with modern attack helicopters. With whom did they come to an agreement, of course with the US Boeing, which manufactures the Apache attack helicopters. The question is: against whom are these attack helicopters being taken?

In 2012, Israel, Greece, and the United States applied countermeasures to the scenario of a submarine and air attack on natural gas production wells in the Eastern Mediterranean during the Noble Dina exercise. Since 2017, Southern Cyprus has also been a part of these exercises. In 2020, the USA, Greece and France played the scenario of retaking the island of Syros, which Turkey took in the Iskander exercise. It is not surprising that the range of the missile system that the Greeks bought from France is at a range that will cover all the areas declared as economic exclusive areas.

Let’s come to the more troublesome area: The Greek administration, who said that the Turkish soldiers should withdraw from Cyprus, gave the Evengelos Florakis naval base to France, thanks to CYCLOP S, the USA now has an operations center, Andreas Papandreou Air Base is open to the use of the US, French and Greek air forces. . The defense agreement with France that entered into force in 2020 and the agreements signed with the USA at the beginning of 2021, the document of the founder of the Republic of Cyprus, are against the 1960 treaties.

The important point here is that the Greek part of Cyprus made itself accepted by the whole world as the continuation of the Republic established in 1960, and Northern Cyprus as the “occupied” territory. This works very well for them, but the military agreements they actually make are against the Founding Treaty. When we leave the law, the membership of the Republic of Cyprus to a place where Turkey and Greece are not members together, such as the European Union, is also against the founding treaties, but what will we tell whom?

The strangest thing is that the Greeks trying to change the balance of 70 percent Greek and 30 percent Turkish, such as the police, bureaucracy and the council of ministers, who violated the Founding Treaty. In 1962 and 1963, they proposed two constitutional amendments that would make Turks a minority. Turkey vetoed it and withdrew from the administration after the 1963 Bloody Christmas. This was the first attempt to breach the Founding Treaty and the Constitution. The aim of Nikos Sampson, who overthrew Makarios in 1974, was Enosis, a violation of the Founding Treaty. Turkey, as a guarantor country, wanted to intervene in the Island together with the British. When London refrained from intervening, Ankara alone used its right arising from international agreements. Turkey is the only party that abides by the treaties, but look at the result. Meanwhile, England made an agreement with the Greeks and left some of the lands of the bases under its administration to the Greeks. This is actually a violation of the founding treaties.

Today, the Greeks still act as if the Founding Treaty is in force and even say to the Turks, come and lift the boycott. These are the main reasons why the Greek Cypriot side reports in Turkish and writes Turkish Cypriot Lira on its currency until the euro is accepted. Not only Ankara, but also Mehmet Ali Talat, who was elected President of the pro-peace Republican Turkish Party, rejected this political game of the Greeks. Unfortunately, Talat is no longer there, and the opposition line on the island is more concerned with the advantages of being a member of the EU and the part of the problem to receive a salary in euros. It is clear that the next step in the operation to deprive Turkey of the energy cake will be to lift our veto on the Greek Cypriots’ NATO membership. The bad thing is that while our veto is still in effect, Southern Cyprus has become a base area to screw over us.

What will happen if Russia recognizes the TRNC?

For the Russian oligarchs, the banks of Southern Cyprus had been a money washing center for years. Later, it was revealed that under the name of the “Golden Passport” application, they even sold citizenship to criminals sought by Interpol with a red notice.

The USA intervened in the money laundering business by attracting the Greeks, and stopped the fuel-maintenance service given to the Russian warships from the Greek ports. After the start of the Ukrainian war, the Moscow-South Nicosia relationship was broken.

Most of us didn’t realize it, but Putin recently appointed a Muslim ambassador to Southern Cyprus. It is said that the first direct flight from Russia to Ercan will be made on November 15, the anniversary of the founding of the TRNC. After that, scenarios where the TRNC might be recognized by Russia are discussed.

If Russia takes these steps because “Turkey is right”, what will happen if Russia says “You too, recognize the republics of Lugansk and Donetsk that left Ukraine” against these steps? The situation in Lugansk and Donetsk does not have a single similarity, with Turkey coming to Cyprus with its rights arising from international treaties. Such a situation makes the lie of the Greeks that “Turkey deploys troops in Cyprus with Russia’s intervention in Ukraine” more convincing. Even though the 1959 Zurich and 1960 London agreements are ignored, they are the signs of Turkey’s righteousness.


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