These are all Acun’s ingenuity! Big scandal at MasterChef

MasterChef, one of the programs of Acun Ilıcalı, who has signed projects to destroy the moral structure of Turkish society, is not ending events in Turkey. While the debates between the contestants left their mark on the new season, the words of the contestant Burak Kaya to another contestant Gamze became an event in the past days. MasterChef contestant Burak Kaya’s ex-girlfriend’s confessions of violent violence fell on the agenda like a bomb. Here are the allegations of violence and all the details about Burak Kaya…

Youtube phenomenon Ata Benli revealed

It was revealed that Burak Kaya, who participated as a competitor in the 2022 season of MasterChef Turkey, had previously acted. The allegations made about Kaya fell on the agenda of social media like a bomb. Youtube phenomenon Ata Benli revealed that the contestant Burak Kaya reached out to his ex and confessed that his lover was violent.

“He squeezed my throat and used violence”

Youtube phenomenon Ata Benli, MasterChef Turkey competitor Burak Kaya’s ex-lover claimed that he has published some phone conversations. The person claiming to be Kaya’s ex-girlfriend said in a statement; “He was telling me… look at it word for word. He’s a mirror addict, he can’t take himself away from the mirror. Such people shouldn’t be on TV. I read the comments about him saying ‘he is very handsome, very talented’. But there is such a truth behind the appearance.” used the phrases. In addition, the same person claimed that Burak Kaya inflicted violence on him; He stated that he used violence by squeezing his throat and complained about Kaya to his family. He admitted that his last resort was to change his address.

The words “Idiot and jackal” to Gamze became an event

Last week in MasterChef Turkey, the words of the competitor Burak Kaya to another competitor Gamze, “Idiot and jackal”, caused a crisis.


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