There was no insult left last night because of this photo.

Ertugrul Ozkokreferring to his wife’s name “Letters to Tansuunder the heading “and”newsletterIn his articles he shared as “, today he was exposed to lynching on social media for sharing the photo of Aleyna Tilki and Orhan Gencebay at Nr1 FM’s “Video Music Awards of the Year” ceremony. Özkök said, “There are quite a few people in this country who derive their daily sustenance from only polarization, only hate trade. The emotional world of the silent majority gets quieter in this troll vuvuzela.“he expressed his opinion.

Ozkok’s “There was no insult left last night because of this photo.The caption reads:

There was no insult left last night because of this photo.

Last Friday was the “autumn equinox…”

It’s the start of my “winter period journalism work” for me.

I opened the season with two beautiful invitations last night.

Let me start with the second first, because there is no insult left that I did not take because of a photo I shared on Instagram from that invitation.

The scene that stunned me in the conservative new rich’s new entertainment district

Yes, last night Nr1 FM’s “Video Music Awards of the Year“There was a ceremony.

The ceremony held in the “oligarch” entertainment venue in Kuruçeşme, which was now mostly in the hands of the conservative new wealthy, was very colorful.

I went a little late.

And before I even sat down, I had a moment that made me very happy.

One of the award winners Aleyna Foxwas.

And that’s when the biggest surprise of the night happened.

Because the prize Orhan gencebay gave.

Aleyna in the costume that the new Turkey trolls are annoying

The scene was like this.

The award winner is a young artist banned from the stage and festivals by the government these days.

Aleyna Fox…

He is only 22 years old but a global artist…

He is very successful in managing both his music and his career.

And at the very beginning of his life, he was persecuted by the state and was removed from the stages and concert venues.

She came to receive the award in an outfit that the trolls and town moralists who can still call themselves “the new Turkey” are disgusted with.

I said good bye.

Orhan Abi with the old Turkey’s annoying tie

Orhan Gencebay gave him the award.

78 years old…

Another artist who has been disgraced by the state since the late seventies.

The state’s radios and televisions were kept closed to him for years. The so-called “enlightenment” of the country, who live on the left and on the right, have also erased him from their minds.

He has never been to a concert in his life.

But he is an artist who gathered enormous crowds in the tapes of the nation, in the movies of the nation…

He is also on the stage with his familiar suit and his iconic black and white tie.

There are 50 years in between, but the new state is not different from the old one in the slightest.

There is a difference of 50 years between them…

Today the powerold turkey“Turkey has banned it,” he said.

But to himselfnew TurkeyThose who say ” and still boast about it are also hostile to Aleyna Tilki…

A young artist at the beginning of his career is the target of ‘town moralists’.

In other words, this state of mine has not and continues to persecute an artist it does not love for 50 years.

And it continues even worse today.

Two generations give a lesson in solidarity to polar trolls on stage

But look, these two banned generations are together on that stage last night.

Orhan Gencebay is pro-government in the eyes of the dissidents.

Aleyna Tilki is an enemy in the eyes of the government.

Two artists, both of whom have had their share of polarization.

On both sides, “polarization merchants” and “trolls” are waging a tutelage war over them.

But last night, Aleyna Tilki was on the stage.I am proud to receive this award from an artist like Orhan Gencebay.” says.

Her mother watches her daughter proudly on the sidelines.

Orhan gencebay “I am happy to give this award to Aleyna Tilki.” says.

His beloved wife is watching proudly on the sidelines.

When I shared it on Instagram, I suddenly became ‘oldie’

Yes, this scene made me very happy.

I shared this on Instagram.

And it’s what I expected.

The polarization merchants and their trolls did not leave me their usual insults.

The most decent”Don’t talk nonsense” said.

Some for meGeezer” said.

I told you, I’m not surprised at all.

Because there are a lot of people in this country who take their daily sustenance only from polarization, only from hate trade.

The emotional world of the silent majority gets quieter in this troll vuvuzella.

While I was leaving the ceremony, Orhan Gencebay and his wife Sevim Emre’I thanked you.

Aleyna is…

I’ve been a fan of her since her first song.

I said that girl will be a permanent artist, it has already happened.

An interesting night: Efes and Fenerbahçe on the same stage

Let’s go to the first place I went at night.

Saran Group acquired the EuroLeage broadcasting rights this year and made a launch for it last night.

Most of the leading names of the Turkish basketball world were at the party on the terrace of Soho House.

Ertuğrul Özkök – Ali Koç- Saadettin Saran (from left to right)

President of Saran Group Sadettin SaranWe chatted a lot.

Fenerbahce Club President Ali KocWe also spoke at length. Beni Fenerbahce basketball team’s new coach Dimitris Itoudis introduced him.

A very sympathetic person…

We will have dinner one of the next days. He promised to take me to away games with the team.

Fenerbahce’s new coach said “I lived in Bandırma for a year”

Our new head coach reminded us of something we forgot.

I lived in Bandırma for a year. I was the head coach of the Banvit team for the 2013/2014 season. That season, we broke the record of winning consecutive matches in Turkish Basketball history. CSKA came up with this and made a contract with me…

What did Ali Koç warn the new coach about me?

Meanwhile, Ali President gave the following warning to the coach about me:

He is a strict Fenerbahçe fan, but be careful when talking. On one return from Moscow, at the airport, I asked him, ‘Are you from Fenerbançe or a journalist? He said to me ‘I am a journalist’…

But there is something that Ali the president does not know.

I cried the most for Fenerbahçe in my childhood and youth…

I am most happy for Fenerbahce.

Can a Fenerbahçe fan love Fatih and Ergin Hoca?

Efes Basket team coach Ergin Ataman was there too.

I have a side that some of my Fenerbahce friends criticize.

Fatih Terim‘s UEFA, Ergin Hoca’s EuroLeage championship made me very happy.

We also chatted a lot with Ergin Hoca.

“There was bad luck in the National Team” said.

EuroLeage President and CEO was also there

There were two more important guests of the night from the sports world.

President of Eurolege Basketball Dejan Bodiroga and EuroLeage Basketball CEO Marshall Glickman

Overnight Saran’s Media Group CEO Kenan Saran’I also chatted.

Euroleage and “7 Days EuroCup” The broadcast rights of the matches will be broadcast on SSport and SSport Plus for three years.

On such a night, of course, I can’t help but mention Turkish Airlines, which did not withdraw its sponsorship support for European basketball even during the pandemic.

European basketball owes a lot to this proud brand of Turkey.

I’m complaining about Digiturk: ​​They destroyed a great product like Premier Leage

I spend at least 5 nights a week doing sports.

I’m a football, basketball and F1 fan.

In my eyes, SSport is Turkey’s sports Netflix.

That’s why I’m sorry that DigiTürk lost the broadcasting rights of Premier Leage matches this year.

That’s why I’m upset.

Unfortunately, DigiTürk cannot offer this extraordinary product well to football lovers.

Now I’m having a hard time figuring out which Premier Leage match is on which day.

However, SSport was doing it very well.

I would be happy if DigiTürk management sees my words as a sport and observations of Digitürk friend.

Yes, these are my impressions from my new journalism season that I opened last night.