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of Turkish politics. choir there is… “Blind, deaf, welcome each other” choir… It’s crowded.

Red Army Choir like… or new York Symphony orchestra.
Who is not in the choir? Party leader… Deputy… Opinion leader… Political scientist… Researcher… Surveyor… Academician… Civil society leader

Choir, for the last two years, going from house to house bundler woman like… That TV channel is yours, this channel is mine, it has been circulating every evening.
And… bad record like… constantly same the composition sang:

There is, there is, there is… in the fall of 2022 There is an early election.
Autumn came… SeptemberThe end is approaching… Where is the box?

Professor Necmettin Erbakanasked for mercy… If he had lived… He would wave the index finger of his right hand and say:

Go away, Bremen town musicians! you.


Tales for adults
Known from the choir, a servant of Allah came out and said, “My analysis failed… I was wrong” did you hear him say
You do not hear.
Choir members immediately old notebook closes… another to composing passes.
Last song… President of the People’s Alliance candidate.
Same speakers… Same TV channels… Same candidate names… Tell my father… Until the morning… never ending symphony as.

“Tales for adults” You can also say.


Empty words
Same rhetoric for months. “Erdogan will go… 6 table candidates to power future… Strengthened Parliamentary It will be passed to the system.”
These, empty words. Turkey, to system change we stopped did not go anywhere.
In the past… Representation of 11 parties from the Parliament come out minority government was able to get out… Is it a lie?


6 seater table
Meeting after meeting… Meal lists…
Explanations… The bottom of the table, the top, the feet… Long conversations… The only thing they have in common:

“How do we take down Erdogan?”
politics is just Download Erdogan not built on.

“How do we solve society’s problems?” it is constructed.
those at the 6-table, Turkish politics infrastructure analysis can’t.
All they do is Erdogan hatewhat to pump.
Politics, vision whether…or… from the opponent hate, vision is not.


The life of the stork…
Politics proceeds with the meeting of heart and mind… Not by eating at the table.
Media, at the table of 6 from the politics produced from projects but not… from the food eaten promise if it does… Hope for society not given.
table of 6 idea production center none… University leg none.

“The life of the stork is lac duck life with lacquer look, it passes with look” like talking 24/7 It’s not about making politics.
It is impossible to achieve success with a lack of ideas and criticism of Erdogan alone.


Gold rule
Some politicians and intellectuals constantly pessimism they produce
their souls, with the food of negativity they are feeding.
However… The point they forgot: “The voter votes for hope.”
Not despair, pessimism, negativity.


question of the day

Suleyman Demirel… 1965to power alone came prepared.

1983… Turgut Özal… Same way was prepared.

2002… Recep Tayyip Erdogan… before you come its preparation had done.
Today… Which of the opposition parties, a preparation… alone claim to power do you see?


Vote… Politics… and bureaucracy
We are the most circulating journalist in Turkey… Erzurum‘from Edirne‘eat… Trabzon‘from Gaziantep‘e… City by city… County by county.
maybe 40 times we wrote:

“There is no early election on the citizens’ hot agenda… 2022 There are no elections in the fall.”
what we see, glorious, glorious politicians couldn’t they see?
If they saw… Why, warming up early selection rice to bring before the nation did they continue? Their purpose… “Cutting the bureaucracy” if it was…
We can say that they got results.
Well… The already sluggish bureaucratic slowing down the mechanism Who is it good for?

What is the benefit to the country?


Of yesterday cars age with to capture
Some of the politicians and intellectuals, Berlin Wall collapsed… Globalization… New world layout It seems that they still do not understand.
How do you know? from his discourses.
For example… their resistance to privatization..
No way… Today’s cars with yesterday’s cars It is not possible to travel on the highway.
Let’s remember what Rumi said:

“Yesterday is yesterday my dear, I have to say something new today.”


eye exam
to our article, “early election in autumn” We started with the dream.
the point too with the same subject let’s put

February 4, 2022… Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, on TV (TV 100) “Autumn Election” he said.
March April May… “Autumn Election there is” made statements.

Meral Aksenermeeting with provincial and district heads do the same he said… “Election in the fall.” Ali Babacan 29 November 2021… “In the autumn of 2022 There is a choice.”

Ahmet Davutoglu… Kayseri… October 9, 2021… “Election in Autumn 2022.”

Others We don’t write… Pollsters… Politics scientist people… Autumn… The dominant choice those who dream… So many.
It seems… a serious problem in politics. “inability to see ahead” There is a problem… Here, too, ophthalmologists have a duty. falling.


System… or order
Necmettin Erbakan, from the change of order was in favor… “fair order” saying, 1995party in to first place raised.
So is Bulent Ecevit… “What poverty neither oppression nor oppressed nor an oppressive, humane, just order” with the rhetoric 1977 in the elections got 42 percent of the vote… party one of youc it happened.
But only discourse it is not enough… Your rhetoric, your slogan, your claim you have to fill it in.

to date If we come…
The goal of the Nation Alliance, by strengthening return to the old system… to the parliamentary system.

Your discourse, your goal it’s empty inside… why and how There are no answers to your questions.
When it comes to the old system koaliquors is coming.

unable to elect a president a Turkey is coming.


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