There is no such a Turkey anymore

Altun sent a video message to the meeting held in Bak by the Center for the Analysis of Public Relations of Azerbaijan to promote the book.

In his message, Altun thanked those who contributed to the delivery of the book to Azerbaijani Turkey, and stated that Turkey had a silent revolution in the last 20 years. Reminding that during this period, under the strong leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoan, unprecedented steps were taken decisively in every field from democracy to economy, from infrastructure to communication, from security to defense sector, from energy to education, Altun said: “We created a new political order in which he stood at an equal distance. By taking all these steps, we made it possible for our nation to devote its time and energy to fundamental issues.” used the expressions

Emphasizing that the most important development in this context is Turkey’s becoming a central actor again in the international arena and on the stage of history by starting to follow a completely independent foreign policy that puts its own profits at the center, Altun said that this distance covered in the last twenty years has made Turkey’s entire regional and global He noted that it resulted in being closely followed by the actors.

Pointing out that this situation also necessitates a correct understanding of Turkey’s goals, values ​​and capacity, Altun said, “The aim of my writing a Stabilizing Force in Global Chaos: Turkey is to present a real analysis to those who want to understand Turkey and to explain the future of international order in our country. It is to reveal and present its vision. My book reveals Turkey’s stabilizing and order-building role in today’s world when the global system is experiencing a kind of chaos.” said.

Pointing out that while Turkey went through great transformations with a silent revolution, great changes and transformations took place in the world, Altun said that the unipolar world order that emerged after the cold war, the 11 September attacks, the invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq by the United States, economic crises and technological crises. He said that under the influence of various factors such as developments, it was replaced by great power competition.


Stating that this situation increases the responsibility of regional forces in ensuring or maintaining peace and stability, it requires all states to increase their own capacity and prepare for global uncertainty, Altun said:

“The world is facing serious humanitarian crises, the like of which we have not seen since the Second World War. While the 10-year-long civil war in Syria has cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of people, it has brought our neighbors into a nest of terror and a source of instability. The effort to use another terrorist organization, namely the PKK’s Syrian arm, YPG, as a subcontractor in the fight against the DEA terrorist organization has deepened this humanitarian crisis.Although Turkey is open to attacks because innocent people’s lives are at stake, the insensitivity and lack of vision of the international community suffers. Finally, we can say that the coronavirus epidemic, which has affected the whole world, has revealed the weakness of international institutions. Remember that when this epidemic started, some states confiscated surgical masks, disinfectants and aid packages that went to other countries. In the same period, the problems experienced in the global supply chains were also in the 20th century. It raised questions about the sustainability of the international order we inherited from the 19th century.”

Altun stated that it is not possible to think independently from all these developments due to the ongoing discussions, and that all these factors should be taken into consideration while evaluating the steps Turkey has taken in recent years.


“We are passing these developments in the world through the filter of our civilization, saying ‘Turkey is not the old Turkey,’ and we insist that we do not have the right to say, ‘Long live the snake that does not touch us,’ at this critical juncture of history. ” said Altun, noting that there are those who are uncomfortable with Turkey’s refusal to intrude. Altun noted:

“They have tried to put different labels on the foreign policy vision of our President for twenty years. Remember, they used to call it ‘axis shift’ at one time. Later, they invented an invention called ‘new Ottomanism’. Nowadays, they complain about ‘expansionism’. Unfortunately, our borders are crossed. “It makes some people uneasy and unhappy when we realize that our profits can only be protected beyond our borders. Look, those who are uncomfortable with Turkey’s increase in power, influence and capacity under the guise of opposition and criticism, are also disturbed by the fact that we are in a relationship with Azerbaijan.” What is your soldier doing in Libya?’ They even show the price of getting involved in our army’s fight against terrorist organizations in Syria and Iraq under the umbrella of the Parliament. They want to say, ‘The biggest issue in Turkey is whether girls can go to school or not.’ “Let’s be a pariah in your homeland. Whoever wants, let’s get rid of it, they want our heart to be spoiled. There is no such a Turkey anymore.”

Pointing out that the profits of Turkey and the profits of humanity at the point reached today, Altun said that for this reason, they always and everywhere take a stance on the side of peace, justice and international law.


Stating that Turkey signed a bilateral agreement with Libya, even when Libya’s government faced a coup attempt, which was recognized by the United Nations, and stabilized this critical region, Altun said, “With the operations we carried out in Syria and Iraq, we were there. “We contribute to the establishment of peace and stability. While we eliminate the threats targeting our own citizens with the steps we take here, we also breathe a sigh of relief to those living in the region.” said.

Reminding that Azerbaijan achieved an extraordinary success by completing the occupation that lasted for almost 30 years in 44 days, Altun emphasized that the leadership of Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev, the heroism of the Azerbaijani army and the sacrifice of the Azerbaijani people played a key role in this success. Altun expressed the following:

“Remember those who took a stand for the status quo by pretending to be defending peace at that time. They were involved in this legitimate struggle against the occupiers with various slogans, either because they were useful idiots or because they served someone’s profits. However, if diplomacy has gained momentum at the point reached today, it is directly due to the repair of injustice in Karaba. If it is winning at the table today, it is because we have won on the field. Indeed, with the delivery of justice, it is possible to ‘make peace’ all together in the future by planting a sponge on the war period. If all states in the region take constructive steps in accordance with international law and by observing the common good, it will make it possible for the Caucasus to become a basin of peace and stability in the 21st century.

Pointing out that international institutions are not functional and effective enough at the root of the problems in the world, Altun said that the institutions, especially the United Nations, were strong, that the needs of the day were met, and that the reform of the Security Council, reflecting the conditions of 1945, was of great importance.


Stating that today, it is incomprehensible that there is not a single Muslim, a single African or a single South American country among the permanent members, Altun said, “For this reason, ‘The world is big,’ summarizing the approach of our President. We are using the slogan consistently. We are demanding a sincere reform by putting the profits of humanity before our own, just as we brought about the global food crisis by making a grain agreement in the Russia-Ukraine crisis.” he residence.

Noting that the threat of terrorism continues to affect the whole world, Altun noted that Turkey suffered a lot from terrorism, that terrorist organizations such as the PKK, DEA and FET killed tens of thousands of people, and hundreds of thousands of people suffered from these terrorist attacks.

Reminding the international community that they are engaged in a sincere struggle against terrorism as a country where these pains are lived, Altun said that President Erdoan has clearly and clearly demonstrated this on every platform.

Reminding that Turkey objected to the membership applications of Sweden and Finland to NATO, Altun stated that they wanted these states to stop aiding and abetting terrorist organizations targeting Turkey, and demanded the extradition of the terrorists who continue their activities in their lands. Altun kept his words:

“Unfortunately, even on the issue of terrorism, there were those who accused Turkey of ‘destroying a historical moment’ both at home and abroad. The leaders of the relevant countries also stated that they did not take Turkey’s demands seriously in their first statements. However, we signed a memorandum in Madrid. They both committed to meet our demands and recognized the FET as a terrorist organization. Now this period continues. We are watching and examining whether the promises made are kept. As you know, these countries are not members of NATO yet. The Great National Assembly of Turkey has to accept their application. Therefore, as our President said, we will look at actions, not words. On this occasion, we hope that the international community will adopt a sincere and determined stance in the fight against all forms of terrorism. The states that feed the snake in their bosom should understand that one day this terror scourge will hit them.”


Commenting on Islamophobia, Altun said that after the September 11 terrorist attacks in the United States, and in Europe, since the mid-2000s, it was witnessed that Muslim and Islamic hostilities were on the rise.

Pointing out that poplist politics and right-wing movements are increasing in strength here, Altun noted:

“These individuals, once regarded as rabid and marginal by the majority, eventually penetrated mainstream politics and even came to power. In fact, a type of hatred targeting Jews in the 1930s has now been directed against Muslims and especially Turks. “We see slomophobia, Muslim cardism, Turkophobia and Turkish cardism as crimes against humanity and demand that the international community take the necessary measures immediately. We resolutely continue our efforts to keep this issue on the agenda and to raise awareness on this issue in the international community.”

Stating that Turkey continues to emphasize clearly and unequivocally that peace, stability and prosperity cannot be achieved without justice at the global level, Altun said, “Turkey, which is an important power in its region, is either at the center of the solution in global issues or makes important contributions to ensuring peace and stability.” said.


The book, which analyzes Turkey’s stabilizing role in the global system in the last 20 years and the challenges it has faced, also reveals the basic parameters of the foreign policy vision of President Recep Tayyip Erdoan.

The book of Communications Minister Altun will be published in Turkey next month.

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