There is no end to the good news for retirement! Those who log in with their TC ID number from mobile will be showered with money! They will receive a lump sum of 8,075 TL

This campaign is not to be missed! It was announced that all citizens with a pension will be paid 9399 TL. Hearing the news, he runs to the bank. Here are the campaign details…

Unmissable campaigns for retired citizens are announced one after another. In this context, it has been announced that retirees who need cash loans will be paid 9399 TL for all transactions they will make through their salary accounts. You can take advantage of the loan opportunities with the campaign application to be made through the pension account. In addition to retirees, those who are insured can also benefit from the payments. You can use internet banking applications for applications. Here are the campaign details…


An important announcement was made for people who receive their pensions through Ziraat Bank, VakıfBank and Halkbank. People in need of cash can apply for an overdraft account via internet banking.

You can apply for pensions received through public banks Ziraat Bank, VakıfBank and Halkbank. Everyone who applies can benefit from the payments made through their pension accounts. Those who apply through their own account can use plus money as well as easily benefit from cash payments. However, those who want to benefit from the campaign must be a bank customer.

With the pension payments we receive through public banks, people who used consumer loans before can make their payments quickly. Anyone who wants to apply for a consumer loan must carry their salary to these 3 designated banks in order to benefit from high-limit loans.