There is news from the mother of 2 children who kidnapped the neighbor girl! – Mediabar

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MEDYABAR.COM: Akyazi Days after Sibel Çetin, a 23-year-old mother of 2 children, who went missing with a 14-year-old girl a month ago. news came..
After the news was published on, Sibel Çetin first called and demanded that the news about her be removed.

Then, in the e-mail he sent to the meydabar contact address, he wrote:
“I want the news that has photos of me removed. The subject of the news creates a false perception. There is no truth to the news that is written. Müge Anlı is a TV show and I don’t want to use myself for ratings. I do not want to be reported on a closed issue that will not be broadcast on TV, I request it again.
14-year-old Sümeyye A. and 23-year-old mother of two children, Sibel Çetin, who met online 2 months before the date of their escape, improved their friendship after a while in the incident that took place in Akyazı on August 19 and suddenly became the agenda of the country with the passing of the agencies.
It was learned that 14-year-old Sümeyye A., who left their home with Sibel Çetin on August 19, phoned her home 10 days after she fled and said, “I’m fine, I’m with Sibel Çetin. Sibel treats me like my mother, I’m very happy.”
On the other hand, Sümeyye was found and handed over to her family after the news published in Müge Anlı on Friday.