There is a warning for those who have an Akbank account! If you do not apply from Akbank within 11 days…

After the new announcement he made on Akbank Headquarters and social media accounts, he shared news that particularly concerns people with a bank account. In the campaigns launched for citizens with Akbank accounts, especially those who will use consumer loans without income certificate were announced. Akbank announced that it will provide loans to people who will apply for consumer loans up to 50000 TL, if they apply within 11 days. Citizens who want to participate in the Akbank Consumer Loan campaign and make their applications are deposited to their accounts within the same day, provided that they comply with the bank loan terms.

After the announcement made on Akbank’s official website, people who want to get a consumer loan by making their applications will be given a loan with a 3-month delay, and if you apply within 11 days, you will be able to use the loan with the lowest interest rates.

It will be possible to apply for a loan via SMS.

Akbank provides a quick loan opportunity to people who will carry out their transactions through these campaigns, where you can apply for consumer loans by sending an SMS via your mobile phone. Citizens who want to apply for a loan via Akbank SMS will have applied for a loan through Akbank if they write a loan and leave a space and send this message to 44 25 by typing the TC ID number. As a result of the loan application you have sent to 44 25 number, you are informed about how many approvals you have received, together with the message that will be sent to your mobile phones. Citizens who receive approval after receiving credit approval via SMS can check the payments to be made to their accounts within 5 minutes.

Credit facility will be provided through Akbank Direkt application

When you apply for a consumer loan through Akbank Direkt application, people who will make their applications are quickly provided with consumer loans through internet banking applications. In the general purpose loan application to be made through the Akbank Direkt application, those who meet the conditions can benefit from the loan facility with a 3-month delay. After your applications through Akbank internet banking application, you will be able to use free loans with low interest rates.