There is a support payment to close the debts of 37800-55000-87400 TL! Public and Private banks started: The state will support

Participating in the 37800-55000-87400 TL debt settlement loan campaign, it announced that it will support public banks and private banks for those who will use consumer loans and debt settlement loans in new transactions for all citizens in need of cash. You can close your current credit card and current consumer loan debts in other banks through the following banks by taking advantage of the government-supported interest rates. People who will carry out their transactions from these banks, which will also allow them to be closed for credit and credit card debts through banks, can receive support payments on the same day.


Ziraat Bank Vakıfbank and Halkbank will make a debt closing loan payment by paying the people in need of cash on the same day, in this campaign. All citizens who choose one of the 37800-55000-87400 TL debt settlement loans can benefit from 24-month-term 36-month loan support payments. People who will make their applications can participate in the campaign by logging into the official website of Ziraat Bank, Vakıfbank and Halkbank.

Citizens who will use cash by making loan applications through the bank must also be an individual customer of the bank in order to get consumer loans. Garanti Bank, Akbank and Yapı Kredi Bank also provide you with debt closing loans to close your debts in other banks. Persons who will apply through 3 private banks must go to the nearest bank branch to get a debt closing loan.