There is a hard fight, there is no goal.

Difficulty We watched a match with a high degree of high-level contact. In the first half, both teams wanted to play. It’s been a struggle with the tide. At times the pace increased. Galatasaray’s dangerous attacks in this half were mostly due to Adana Demirspor’s risky pass against the press behind. 2-3 times dangerous in Adana Demir made an attempt. In the second half, we watched a struggle unlike the first half. Galatasaray began to dominate the game seriously. They were constantly threatening the opposing rook. When Adana Demirspor’s 10 players were added to this, Galatasaray’s appetite for goals increased even more. But this time, they have another handicap out. The Adana team, which played risky and made important mistakes at every moment, played long ball after 1 person was missing, and it was difficult for Galatasaray to find a position when the crowd remained behind. However, there were two critical positions. But 10 people in the last minutes They could have scored.
3 players played very well in Galatasaray. Nelson, Torreira and Boey. Although Sacha Boey didn’t do as much overlay as the other matches, she still had some effective attempts. Of course, let’s not ignore the great goalkeeper Muslera with his amazing saves in the first half.
As for Adana Demirspor, coach Montella made important mistakes in my opinion. It was a big mistake to trade such a risky pass from behind against Galatasaray. He also played 60 minutes without a striker while there were 3 strikers in his squad. And Onyekuru neutralize a trump card like Boey don’t ever change your wings didn’t think. Adana did not play well, but struggled wholeheartedly. In my opinion, the best of the team was semih Güler, who was waiting for a backup for a long time. Stambouli’s second yellow card did not suit a referee of Halil Umut Meler quality.