There are only 20 of these twins in the world.

A Portuguese woman recently gave birth to twins. In the DNA test, it was determined that one of the twins belonged to a 19-year-old person with whom he had been together for a period. But the DNA of the other baby did not match the 19-year-old father.

The woman then announced that she had been with two different men on the same day, and the other person she was with was also DNA tested. The result was surprising; because the DNA of one of the twins also matched the other candidate being tested.


Scientists say there are only 20 cases of twins with the same mother but different fathers recorded in the world so far. “heteroparent superfecundation” is named.

For the fathers, the Portuguese mother told Ladbible, “They are both caring and very helpful to me. They give the twins all the support they need” said.

Although each of the twins had a different father, only one of the fathers was written on the birth certificate.


Consulted for their opinions on the subject exp. Dr. Tulio Jorge Franco, “This type of pregnancy is only possible when two eggs from the same mother are fertilized by different males. Babies share the mother’s genetic material, but grow in different placentas. This is an extremely rare occurrence, one in a million. I never thought I would encounter such a case. “ said and continued:

“We didn’t encounter any complications during the pregnancy, it was super smooth. The boys were born healthy and had no health problems…”

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