There are no astrologers or psychics in the palace, but there are often rituals with “heart-opened” teachers.

shortwave author Sedat BozkurtPresident and AKP Chairperson Recep Tayyip Erdogan’After Turkey pointed to May 14 for the elections “Who is the astrologer in the palaceNoting that questions such as ? “There are no astrologers or psychics in the palace, but there are often rituals with ‘heart-eyed’ teachers” he wrote.

Bozkurt in his article, “After the elections were held on May 14, when many questions could not be answered about the reasons, the eyes turned to astrology. Recently, this has been done very often. Because some astrologers said that the elections will be held in May, or even on the 14th. At the same time, there are those who say that there will be no elections. But those who “get it” are always more effective. Erdogan’s decisions that come with interesting dates from time to time make it possible to establish a connection with astrology in some way. Just like May 14. Therefore, the questions “Who is the astrologer in the palace?” began to be asked immediately. ?” past the “who?” came to the question” he said.

Bozkurt said:

“There are neither astrologers nor psychics in the palace. At least, I could not find any information about their existence despite my research. But there are often rituals performed with “heart-opened” teachers. Although not assertive, activities that do not force religion, such as giving information.Do these rituals have anything to do with Erdogan’s decisions?It seems possible.

Different professors are hosted in the palace for this job. The first name that comes to mind is Halim Hoca, whose congregation is organized around the Hacı Bayram Mosque. He is also the president of the Science Dissemination Association, which is said to be very active in the Judiciary. It is very close to the family.

While writing in Radikal newspaper, Akif Beki quoted Erdogan’s Abced analysis in 2003. According to that analysis, there will be a radical break in Erdogan’s life story at the age of 68. That’s it for this year. Abjad analysis is very important for Erdogan and his entourage. Because this interesting analysis method is completely Islamic.

In the conservative section, superhuman power is always imagined to those who lead the community religiously. This issue is as old as human history. Psychics, psychics, and healers were very famous in the Ottoman Empire. It is reported that some sultans even came under their control. There are similar stories in the world, especially Nostradamus. This is also a product of a person’s desperation in the face of life.”