There are moles in CHP!

Dear readers, months ago I wrote:

“Of course, we do not have the right to interfere with whom and how the CHP or the six-party nominee will be.

But let me say once again that I have been repeating it for over 2 years.

Mr. Kemal may be the candidate of a group, a clique within the CHP.

Even the party organization may demand Kemal Bey’s candidacy.

Organization by name.

If Deniz Baykal were the chairman, he would want him, if I were me.

What about the people?

How many of the Good Party members want, how many of the Saadetists want, how many of the Democrats, DEVA and Future people!

Let alone them, how many of the CHP supporters want to see Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu as a candidate, even if they are forced to vote?

If the entire CHP wanted it, even if it came from the center right, the vote it would get would be 3 times higher than Muharrem İnce, or 5 times higher than that of Muharrem İnce.

The issue has nothing to do with Alawism or Sunnism.

The AK Party may be very worn out, the economic crisis is hitting very badly and it may be.

But it won’t.

You cannot digest a Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu into Turkey, which even the entire CHP mass cannot fully digest.

It doesn’t matter whether you gather 2 million people for the Istanbul rally.

What needs to be done is to conduct a very wide and reliable survey before nominating a candidate and to determine the right candidate according to its results, of course, by adhering to the founding principles of the Republic.

But I can say this very clearly.

If an election with the wrong candidate is lost, there will be no party called CHP.

If this election is lost due to a mistake of the headquarters, rest assured that the CHP voters will destroy the CHP building.

You’re not the only one under it.”

And again months ago I said:

“The government is not in a position to win elections. But the CHP has a state of losing the election.”

Today, it seems that someone from within the CHP is engaged in a serious effort so that the CHP loses the election and the six-party table is dispersed.

They may try to market it as a “principle stance”.

However, the view of the citizens is not like that.

Many people think that these are moles that are trying to work with the government, that they are moles who have taken on the task of wearing down the opposition they are in in order to profit from the government, and that they have been seized by the government, especially because of some of their relations, some of their connections with some fugitive businessmen.

So is such a thing possible?

I can’t prove it is, but I can’t say it’s not possible either…

Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca, that is, Ahmet Mahmut Ünlü, attributed the poverty, poverty and high cost in Turkey to the fact that the society did not pray. He wanted a kind of prayer economy.

I am shocked.

Cübbeli Ahmet Efendi is a smart and even very smart man.

He would not easily make such a mistake.

But it has fallen.

Now, if a hypocrite comes out and tells Ahmet Hodja, “You say Hodja is good, but Luxembourg, one of the countries with the highest income in the world, has a per capita income 15 times that of Turkey. 14 times in Norway, 13 times in Switzerland, 11 times in Australia. In Denmark, which has 10 times the per capita income of Turkey, the rate of atheists is over 50 percent. How will Ahmet Hodja from Cubbe answer this if he says, “Are they praying more than Turks?”

Or if someone else came out and shared the information “My teacher, 32 of the world’s poorest 50 countries are Muslims” and shows with data that Islamic countries are the countries with the least national wealth compared to their population, despite the oil-rich countries among them, what would Hodja Cübbeli say?

That’s why Cübbeli Ahmet Hoca seems to have entered the subject from the wrong place. From a place unworthy of his intelligence.

If only he had said, “Because we spend money on mosques of 30 thousand people, where even 100 people do not pray, and we try to deceive even Allah”, maybe he would have nailed it at one end.

Maybe he trusted that anyone who said the opposite would be sued by the Diyanet.

The Mayor of Istanbul Kadıköy, Şerdil Dara Odabaşı, called me after I wrote about the municipalities not investing in electric car charging stations.

He explained what they did in Kadıköy on this issue.

Kadıköy Municipality has started a serious preparation for electric vehicle charging stations on the roads under its jurisdiction and in its own buildings.

They have completed the infrastructure of 21 e-charging stations in the places belonging to the municipality.

Electric vehicles are mostly in Istanbul. They have developed a street network project with e-charging stations, as they have determined that it is mostly in Kadıköy district in Istanbul.

What I like most is that they started to build a solar power plant on the roof of the Marriage Office parking area allocated to them, and to build a structure that will charge the vehicles with the energy to be obtained from there.

In addition, they would collect the rain falling on the solar energy panels and make irrigation and car washing with it.

Be sure, I like these types of projects more than crazy or giant projects that were made for nothing.

When we don’t turn Justice into party organization.