The world is on the edge… Intimidation from North Korea, days before the critical visit!


The eyes and ears of the world have been on the news from Ukraine since February 24. But there is also the possibility of war thousands of kilometers from Ukraine.

USA and South Korea North KoreaThe military exercise he started to intimidate Turkey is expected to be the biggest war exercise of recent times.

The US giant aircraft carrier ‘USS Ronald Reagan’ entered the country for the first time in four years.

While the crisis on the Korean Peninsula was increasing day by day, a new move came from the North Korean administration that caused the world’s eyes to turn to this place.


Technically still at war with South Korea, North Korea has broken its silence since last June with a new missile test.

In a statement made by the Japanese government, it was reported that North Korea fired a new missile towards the Sea of ​​Japan at 06:52 local time.


It was stated that the missile, flying at a maximum altitude of about 50 kilometers, covered a distance of 400 kilometers, while Japanese Defense Minister Yasukazu Hamada announced that the missile fell outside of Japan’s exclusive economic zone.

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un’s recent warnings that he is ready to use nuclear weapons against South Korea reveal that the exercise will take place in a tense atmosphere.


South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff also confirmed the missile test. It was noted that the short-range ballistic missile was launched from Taechon in the North Pyongyang region, while the South Korean army continued its analysis and monitoring activities in cooperation with the US forces.

The fact that the missile test took place days before the planned visit of US Vice President Kamala Harris was interpreted as intimidation to the US.

It was also noteworthy that the last test came just after South Korea announced that it had detected signs that Pyongyang was preparing to launch a ballistic missile from a submarine.


The exercise, which will be held by the two countries, is expected to be the largest war exercise of recent times.

The world is on its thorns... Intimidation from North Korea, days before the critical visit

This operational center at the US-owned Osan Air Base is unique in that it is the only place in the world where two military forces work harmoniously to defend a single country. It’s a commitment made by the United States to South Korea after the Korean War ended almost 70 years ago without a peace treaty.


The air forces, ground armies, navies, space and cyber operations of the two countries are controlled in this single room. US President Joe Biden also emphasized the importance of this during his visit to South Korea in May.


This week, for the first time in four years, the two armies will hold frontline exercises and test how they will respond to a possible North Korean attack.

These previously routine exercises were canceled in 2018 as the United States and South Korea tried to persuade North Korea to denuclearize.

But after years of diplomatic stalemate and facing an increasingly aggressive North Korea, the two countries decided it was time to return to the exercises.


North Korea has launched more missiles this year than in a single year in the past, and the technology of the missiles has advanced. They seem to be becoming more capable of bypassing defense systems and locating their targets.

North Korea has persistently rejected calls by the US and South Korea to return to nuclear diplomacy.