The ‘World Cup Shield Operation’ motion was submitted to the Turkish Grand National Assembly

Presidential Memorandum on the assignment of the Turkish Armed Forces (TSK) to Qatar within the scope of the World Cup Shield Operation, Turkish Grand National Assembly presented to the President.

In the memorandum sent with the signature of President Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan, it was stated that Qatar will host the 2022 FIFA World Cup organization between November 21 and December 18.

In the memorandum, it was stated that more than 1 million people from all over the world are expected to participate in this organization, and it was stated that the World Cup Shield Operation will be carried out jointly with the participation of the Qatar Armed Forces and the elements from the countries invited by the Qatari government, so that the sports events to be organized within this scope can be carried out safely.

In the memorandum, “Operation World Cup Shield, for the successful and safe realization of the 2022 FIFA World Cup organization, the necessary measures will be jointly established by Qatar and the participating countries against various threats, especially terrorism, in the Qatari borders, land, air and maritime jurisdiction areas.” It will be carried out by taking it through the Task Force.” expression was used.

In the memorandum, it was stated that the Qatari government requested friendly and allied countries to contribute with elements of the armed forces within the scope of the operation, and made a request from Turkey in the same scope, as follows:

“In addition to our country, the USA, France, England, Italy and Pakistan will contribute their military elements to the World Cup Shield Operation. In view of the exceptional cooperation we have developed in political, economic, military and other fields, as well as cultural and human ties, and the importance of the stability and security of the Gulf region for the entire region, it was evaluated that it would be beneficial to respond positively to the aforementioned request of the Qatari government.”

In the memorandum, it was stated that the TAF elements to be deployed within the scope of the World Cup Shield Operation will be under national command throughout the entire assignment, and it was informed that the activities that can be carried out by the TAF elements within the scope of the operation will also be carried out through an evaluation to be made within the national command.

In the memorandum, the Protocol on the Implementation of the “Letter of Intent on Cooperation in the Fulfillment of Large-scale Organizations” signed between the two countries on 7 December 2021 on the assignment of the General Directorate of Security personnel in Qatar to ensure the participation in the World Cup Shield Operation and the security of the 2022 FIFA World Cup organization. It was noted that it was in harmony and integrity with the requirements of the

Military Training, Technical and Scientific Cooperation Agreement between Turkey and Qatar on May 23, 2007, Cooperation Agreement with Military Education, Defense Industry and Deployment of Turkish Armed Forces in Qatar Lands on December 19, 2014, and Turkish Armed Forces in Qatar on April 28, 2016. In the memorandum, which stated that the Implementation Agreement on the Deployment of Forces was signed, it was stated:

“The Qatar-Turkish Combined Joint Force Command, which was established within the strong contractual framework formed in this way, continues its activities, and it continues to contribute to the security and stability of the Gulf region as well as Qatar’s institutional capabilities and capabilities. Strong ties of friendship and brotherhood between the peoples of the two countries, Our relations with Qatar are considered to be of strategic importance, in light of our consensus with the State of Qatar for the solution of important regional problems, our mutual support and solidarity in regional and international platforms, and our common determined stance in the fight against terrorism and similar threats.

With these considerations, the Turkish Armed Forces will be deployed within the borders of Qatar and in Qatar’s territorial waters and adjacent regions, in order to provide the support requested by the Qatari government and to participate in the World Cup Shield Operation, to be determined and determined by the President of the Republic. “I would like to inform you that it is necessary to give permission for a period of 6 months in accordance with Article 92 of the Constitution for the use of forces in accordance with the principles to be determined by the President, to take all kinds of measures to eliminate risks and threats, and to make the arrangements that will enable them to be made in accordance with the principles to be determined by the President.”

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