The white collar world is debating this concept: Silent resignation

rising from the west ‘quiet quitting’ (silent resignation) trend reflects the mood of employees who are tired of their jobs in the corporate world.

Beginning among young people in the USA during the pandemic period ‘Big resignation’ After the Great Resignation movement, the business world is now talking about another concept: Quiet quitting. ‘quiet resignation’.

Last month, dozens of articles on the concept were published in magazines and newspapers. The TikTok video of Zaid Khan, a 24-year-old engineer working in New York, was viewed more than 3 million times in two weeks.

Working hard to get fired

Although it is not easy to draw a very clear frame ‘quiet quitting’ The characteristics of the concept are listed as follows: It is especially common among white-collar youth. They don’t resign, but just to do their job. ‘minimal’ they are working. Going beyond what is expected of them, making a difference, rising etc. for ‘they don’t raise their arms’.

The term is new, not the issue

While the concept may seem new, it’s old, according to the Harvard Business Review. Problem, ‘It’s more about the manager’s ability to connect with employees, rather than the employee’s laziness or unwillingness.’ in the employee ‘excite’ is the manager’s job.

Again ‘quiet resignation’is closely related to the realities of recent years.

The disappointment of capitalism

‘Silent resignation’ according to some comments ‘pandemic tired’ the natural result of the mood of the employees. Economic reporter Craig Harris published in USA Today in the video, especially young people ‘If they work hard, they will be rewarded for their efforts in the future’ He says they don’t believe in it, so they spend as little effort as possible on their work and try to lead a balanced life by taking time for themselves the rest of the time.

For some, this is a reaction to capitalism. published on Forbes writing Like the parents of Generation Z ‘he doesn’t want to work 24/7 by sacrificing his own life’ states: “They earn less than previous generations, their fringe benefits are limited, and their job security is almost non-existent. Capitalism disappointed them. They also set boundaries with work.”

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