The USA is not the only place selling fighter jets, there are those who signal us

WALL President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan made a statement after the Friday prayer at Kerem Aydınlar Mosque in Istanbul.

Erdogan said, “We became the country that carried out the most important operations in the world regarding DEASH. The West did not have an important operation against DEASH. We are waiting for the decision of the judiciary today. That decision will be an important message for the steps to be taken.”

“They provide training and weapons support to the SDF,” Erdogan said, adding, “If I get the opportunity to meet with Mr. President (Biden) at the United Nations, I will talk about it.”

Stating that he sent a message of condolence to England regarding Queen Elizabeth II, the President said, “I am planning to attend the ceremony if my schedules allow. I know him, we had a meeting. We are considering attending if we can find the opportunity.”

Erdogan said, “During the meeting with Mr. Biden in Madrid, he took an important approach to the issue of F-16s. He implied that the Republicans do not support them. My Foreign Minister held a meeting in Bulgaria. I think they will also support us. I hope the United States does not lead us to different paths. “They are not the only countries selling airplanes in the world. England sells them, France sells them, Russia sells them. It is possible to obtain this from anywhere, and there are people who signal us for this,” he said. (NEWS CENTER)

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