The US press wrote: Panic in the White House… Flash decision from Biden!

Creation Date: January 23, 2023 13:50

US President Biden is in trouble with documents coming out of his home and office. As the crisis, which is the number one item of the USA, deepens, a flash decision came from Biden.

President Joe Biden is on the agenda in the USA… The president of the USA, famous for his gaffes, Joe Biden has been in trouble with confidential documents for weeks.

While the echoes of the discovery of a new series of confidential documents from Biden’s vice presidency, the name targeted by criticism, continued, a remarkable claim came from the New York Post.

Presenting this development to its readers with the headline ‘Panic Time’ in its first headline, the newspaper commented that ‘Joe Biden is panicking’.

In the news, which was called ‘Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland has dared to appoint a special authority to investigate Biden’, the following statements were included regarding the situation Biden was in;

‘Biden appeared like a cornered mouse in California last week.’

While the panic atmosphere in the White House continued to be the number one agenda item in the country, the decision was made for the name closest to Biden.


Biden’s current Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, is set to leave his post in the coming weeks, HuffPost reports.

According to the same news, Biden will entrust the seat to be vacated from Klain to Jeff Zients.


The White House said recently that the US Department of Justice was reviewing potentially classified documents found in the Washington office space of the president’s former institute.

A search by Biden’s own team promptly returned the six-page document that was said to be in the library to the national archives. The paperwork in this third discovery also dates from Biden’s vice presidency.

Richard Sauber, the president’s special adviser, underlined that as soon as the documents were found, Biden’s personal lawyers contacted the White House and state institutions dealing with national archives.


It is also among the information received that the Ministry of Justice has examined the documents in question. Biden accused Trump of irresponsibility, who had secret documents from his residence in the past period.

Now the US is debating whether this was due to irresponsibility or forgetfulness.


The health of 79-year-old Biden, one of the oldest presidents in the world, was previously USA It has been the subject of discussion many times over.

Former President Donald Trump BidenHe called ‘senile’ in the election campaign and claimed that he would fail if he took the cognitive test.