The US and EU are preparing to scrutinize Turkish banks

The USA and the European Union (EU) are preparing to increase the pressure on Turkey regarding the sanctions imposed on Russia due to the invasion of Ukraine that they started on February 24.

Western countries stated that they accepted that the sanctions did not harm the Russian economy as much as they hoped, under the direction of stricter implementation of the existing sanctions instead of taking new sanctions against Russia.


According to the Financial Times, while Brussels is preparing a delegation to directly convey its concerns to Turkish officials, he said the US is focusing on Turkish banks integrated into Russia’s local payment system Mir.

Citing two officials from Western countries as the source, the FT states that the USA and the EU, “They are concerned that the banking sector in Turkey will become an arena for unlawful financial transactions and will open a channel for Russia to violate sanctions,” he said. made a statement.

According to the news, Western officials stated that the United States focused on Turkish banks, which are included in Russia’s local payment system called Mir, while Brussels formed a delegation to directly convey its concerns to Turkish officials.

The FT stated that Turkey’s major banks Vakıfbank, Ziraat Bank, İşbank, Denizbank and Halkbank are among the banks included in the Mir system.

According to the news, İşbank and Denizbank stated that they comply with the sanctions against Russia, while Halkbank, Vakıfbank and Ziraat Bank did not answer the questions.

The FT also reminded Turkey’s policy of only applying sanctions decisions taken by the United Nations, in a statement made by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, “We also continue our policy of not allowing Turkey to become a conduit for violations of sanctions,” he said. said.


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