The tragedy of underestimating Erdogan and Putin

received from Russia ‘natural gas’ leaving the USA to ‘political gas’ Panic about how they will spend the dark winter in the coming European countries is getting deeper.
Europe, which declared total war and imposed sanctions on Russia, was exposed to this situation. paradoxical tragedy, He also revealed that the US-led Atlantic system is actually a paper tiger.
capital of Serbia in Belgrade Pointing to this fact, President Erdoğan underestimated Russia. West’s weakness both arrogance and hypocrisy once again revealed.
As Mr. Erdogan emphasized, the West’s strategy to bring Russia to heel with an economic war based on embargo and sanctions backfired. Already, especially in Turkey China, India, Hungary, South Africa, Brazil, Iran and Saudi Arabia The sanctions strategy, which was not supported by 140 countries, was stillborn from the very beginning.
For this reason, the USA failed to isolate Russia from the world with sanctions limited only to Western countries. Even with the Ukraine crisis, instead of Russia of the Atlantic world insulation increased more. ‘Russian world’ continues to expand.


Russia, which is holding joint military exercises with China and India today. ‘friendly and very an important partner and its relations with Turkey, which he defines as “they are deepening and diversifying with each passing day.”
Thus in Vladivostok held Eastern Economic ForumPutin, who took the stage in . The West will be able to dictate its terms to us. not in positionLet them think logically.”

But it has an occupying and colonialist spirit. of the West to be rational naivety to wait It is possible. So, according to Putin’s statement European countries exploitation even in the grain crisis. continues. 87 from Ukraine Only 2 of the grain-laden ships went to Africa. gone. The rest was shipped to Europe.
Rebelling against this, Putin rightly said, “It is necessary to consider limiting the route of grain and other foods. I will definitely consult with President Erdogan of Turkey on this issue.”


Therefore, we once again saw how selfish, self-interested and brazen the imperialist Western countries are. This is the world dominated by the West! Is it possible for such a system to be fair? That’s why a long winter awaits the USA and Europe, which have condemned even their own people to hunger and cold for the sake of the interests of a handful of globalists.
European peoples already Submissive to American rule protesting their government. In the USA, the public’s trust in the state has hit rock bottom.
In the upcoming period, demonstrations spreading in waves on both sides of the Atlantic will turn the energy crisis into a political regime crisis and in many countries it will shake the imperial system to its foundations. In this context, the problem of Ukraine status quo in the Atlantic your downfall will speed it up even more. The prolongation of the war means that the cost of living is exacerbated by energy and supply crises. The critical warnings of Erdogan and Putin point to this inevitable truth. as it stands political founder of the new world the leaders of these two names each You have to listen to what he has to say.
But the one who doesn’t get hair from his nose West world and its native mutants these two leaders It’s still misreading.