The three contradictions of the table continue, a new one has been added

President Erdogan, “Turkey century” With his rhetoric, he started his campaign describing both what the AK Party government has done in twenty years and what it will do in the new century of the Republic.
We have completed the infrastructure revolution, and now we are on the verge of a new rise, this inclusive language that gives hope to the voters will be the agenda of the next eight months.
The People’s Alliance’s implementation of a series of measures to combat the cost of living and its rapid entry into the long campaign period created uneasiness on the side of the opposition.
The imposition of Kılıçdaroğlu on the 6-piece table by Akşener as “the table is not a notary public” brought about the discussion of whether the table is falling apart.
I have often said that the dispersal of the table is unlikely due to the damage it will cause to the party and the chairpersons at the table.
Commentators guiding the opposition focused on securitizing warnings of the consistency of “what will happen if the table falls apart”.

“Erdogan’s election opposition parties in and their chief executives they cannot stay, they are closed, they are banned” a sharp survivability They produced the discourse.
The excessive securitization of those who say they are defending democracy and the damage to the trust of the voters in the ballot box makes people say “Live and see”.


The 6-way table, which met last Sunday, agreed to meet more frequently, to announce the transition process roadmap and 9 basic policies to the public.
However, the three conflicts of the 6-party table, which spoke through the media through its representatives between the general chairman meetings, continue.
And these contradictions managed, yet no solution not found.

They tend to preserve their existence with different reflections.
1-The “conflict around the question of who should be the joint candidate” between CHP and IYI Party
2- The issue that DEVA and GP differ from CHP and IYI Party is the approach of “let’s agree on the roadmap and basic policies of the transition process before the candidate”.
3- “How can we keep HDP with us” split between CHP and IYI party.
These three conflicts continue. While Kılıçdaroğlu partner about his candidacy to take advantage of succeeded.

He glossed over Akşener’s moves to find another CHP candidate.
He has come to the point where he will either be a candidate or choose the candidate himself.
If Kılıçdaroğlu is not a candidate, he is now in a place where the CHP will also suffer.


DEVA and GP are trying to maintain their influence at the table by focusing on the transition process.
These two parties are calculating that they can overcome the issue of who the candidate will be with the power sharing protocol.
In the meantime, the CHP media, which finds the influence of small parties on the table too much and sees the regrets and confessions of the two former AK Party leaders incomplete, gives place to the criticism that the right parties at the 6-party table are trying to close the left politics and create a right policy set.
In this environment, the 6-way table has to complete all three conflicts with a good scenario.
The first is to agree on a common candidate that can appeal to the bases of all parties and to introduce this candidate to the voters until the election day.
To be able to find candidates with 6 leaders and a profile that will satisfy the HDP in the face of Erdogan’s effective leadership.
The second is to be able to present the common policies in 9 areas with consistency and assertion that will convince both right and left voters.
Even in foreign policy, the only thing that the 6-point table can say for now is to claim that “the balance in the Aegean has changed in favor of Greece”.
It is thought to be easy to determine common policies.
Visionary even if determined inability, vague and ineffective carries the risk of staying.

DEVA and GP, who said to leave the candidate to the end and focus on the transition process and policies, have already positioned themselves in a place where they will accept the candidacy of Kılıçdaroğlu or another CHP member.
We are at the point where Kılıçdaroğlu’s showing another CHP member instead of himself may cause problems within the CHP (like İmamoğlu) rather than small parties.
Third, the conflict between the IYI Party and HDP is a difficult issue.
In the coming months this will live the exam again and again as.

Perhaps the fourth contradiction of the table will be the psychology of being late, which will be brought about by the fact that the People’s alliance has started a rapid campaign.