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Rain Unalthe whole article Izi HekimogluI learned that he spent his life on his boat, but I did not consider this relationship a possibility due to the age difference. Hekimoğlu, who is over 60 years old, never shows his age thanks to the technologies in medicine. Rain UnalIt is known that he is 37 years old.

Surprise duo revealed on Burning Man

Art and music festival held annually in America’s Nevada Desert’Burning Man‘ had become one of the haunts of Turkish society in recent years. Celebrities, who stay in luxury caravans in the desert for days in their crazy outfits, experience different art performances and attend music concerts.

Yağmur Ünal and İzi Hekimoğlu went to experience the festival with a group of friends. Let’s see if we can see the duo, who match the general ambiance of the desert with their clothing styles, together when we return to Istanbul.


Everything on the way

As you know, rumors that Yasemin-İzzet Özilhan couple will get divorced were denied. I wrote that İzzet Özilhan closed his Instagram account because he was hacked and there was no problem between the couple. Yasemin Özilhan recently posted this photo, giving the message “everything is fine”. As you know, İzzet Bey does not have a social media account anymore. Yasemin mostly uses her account for business, but it is obvious that by sharing such posts from time to time, she will sprinkle water in the hearts of her fans.

Surprise duo revealed on Burning Man

sports fans

With the cooling of the weather, those who did sports outside took to the streets again. Two sports enthusiasts were spotted on the Bebek beach the previous day. Zeynep Üstünel, one of the benevolent names of the society, was on the beach to do her sports that she never missed. Üstünel had a long jog and was in good spirits.

Surprise duo revealed on Burning Man


The famous name of the business world, Harun Tan, was also among those who came to Bebek to do sports. Harun, who regularly does yoga, took a walk this time when he saw the beautiful weather.

They took their children

Romina-Niv Garih couple also took a walk in Bebek. The couple, who has two small children, walked along the beach and did sports themselves and took their children for a walk. The Garih couple returned to their home after taking a coffee break when their children were tired.

Surprise duo revealed on Burning Man


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