The state took over the expenses of the babies! Application page opened

Nutrition and diaper support, which play an important role for parents, relieve families financially. Applications for food and basic aid started and there was a significant increase in applications.

The Ministry of Family and Social Services, one of the institutions that act with the understanding of a social state, provides financial support for many items such as food and diapers. Many facilities offer breastfeeding and diaper assistance to support the healthy feeding of newborn babies. Anyone who applies can take advantage of these benefits.


Families in need can get this aid by applying to the local administration. The Ministry of Family and Social Services is the institution that carries out this task in order to provide social support to families in need.

Those in need who want to request food, clothing and shelter assistance can contact the district governorships in their location. You can apply to the District Governor’s Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation with the item you have chosen. You can apply with the application form. After the application results and the content of the application form are approved, the results will be final.

In addition to the in-kind aids, cash aids will also be given to those whose applications are found positive. Many associations and organizations carry out outreach projects in various capacities. Baby aid packages are also a part of these projects. This project provides everything a newborn baby needs for families who cannot afford it. With the newborn rescue kit, which consists of many items from nutrition to cleaning materials, from cradles to clothing, all the needs of families identified as in need are met.

How much and where to get help?

The Ministry of Family and Social Services continues to provide support aid to families in need this year as in previous years. The facility, which provides food and diaper assistance, also provides a fixed amount of money to families in need. Agencies providing assistance determined monthly pocket money amounts between 230 TL and 250 TL according to the latest updated figures. These amounts are updated every year.

The Ministry deposits the received grants into the Ziraat Bank accounts of those in need and is paid to the beneficiaries. In addition, these payments can be made from PTT branches.