The shocking decision from Hazal Kaya, who is preparing for motherhood for the second time! No one had thought of this a month ago!

Sad news came from the couple Ali Atay and Hazal Kaya, who are counting the days for their daughter, whom they will name Süreyya. Hazal Kaya explained everything with her post. The sharing of Kaya, who experienced the excitement of motherhood for the second time, was a matter of curiosity. Here is Hazal Kaya’s sharing…

Hazal Kaya, who is excited to become a mother, is counting the days to take their daughter Süreyya in her arms. Stating that he was pregnant with two women at home with a post he made recently, Kaya said that his dog was also pregnant. Hazal Kaya, who made a name for herself with her fun sharing, made a sad share this time. Here is Hazal Kaya’s sharing…


Combining her life with Ali Atay in 2019, Hazal Kaya embraced her son Fikret Ali in the same year. Hazal Kaya, who made her name on the list of pregnant women in 2022, started counting the days for her daughter Süreyya. Hazal Kaya upset everyone with her latest post.

Caught with his daughter

Hazal Kaya announced that she caught influenza. Saying that both her baby and herself had influenza, Kaya emphasized that her daughter also had antibodies. Expressing that he wanted to clarify the issue so that no one would make fun of him, Kaya said, “We have become influenza. I laughed at that too, but just a little. Since all viruses are, Sureyya is antibodyed. I also say that I can spend the puerperium comfortably. So I hope so. That would be just,” he said.