The sad day of the world of cinema…. The master director passed away at the age of 83

Mexican director Jorge Fons, remembered for films such as Red Dawn and The Alley of Miracles, has passed away at the age of 83.


Winner of the National Science and Arts Award and the National Fine Arts Award, the director has also appeared in theater and television.

A first-generation graduate of the Center for Cinematographic Studies of the National Autonomous University in Mexico, Fons has also worked as a screenwriter and camera and theater assistant.

Born on April 23, 1939, in Tuxpan, Veracruz, full name Jorge Fons Perez, the director was part of the world-renowned generation of Mexican filmmakers in the 1970s.

His curiosity, which started with the student theater when he was young, went to the next level when he founded the Tlalnepantla Theatre. He worked as an actor and stage director besides the important names of Mexico, and directed the Orfeo Opera.

He turned his interest in writing into articles and essays on cinema and culture. Recently he was writing in a column in a newspaper called Dialolocos.

He received critical acclaim after releasing his first film, ‘Surprise’ in 1968. He continued his journey with the films he made for novel adaptations. Among them, The Puppies, Los albaniles, Street of Miracles and The Attack stood out.

His short film Caridad was recognized as one of the best in Mexican cinema. His two best films are Rojo amanecer and Street of Miracles. He won a silver bear with Los albaniles and a special award with Miracles Street in Berlin.

In his last period, he contributed to the education of a new generation of Mexican filmmakers.

Source: Haber Global


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