The richest people in the world are preparing for the apocalypse

While the world is struggling with new social events, climate problems, international crises, wars and economic crises, the ultra-rich, who hold a significant part of the global wealth, are trying every way to guarantee their wealth and lives.

Some dream of colonizing distant planets, others ponder how they can live longer and preserve their treasures forever.

“The struggle for survival of the ultra-rich” (Author of Survival of the richest), Douglas RushkoffAccording to , billionaires trying to protect their wealth are also preparing for doomsday scenarios.


“The effects of digital technology on our lives” Rushkoff, who writes articles about her, often organizes private meetings for the wealthy and influential.

According to the news in the Guardian, Rushkoff, who conveyed the events that developed in one of these meetings, said, “They sat around the table and introduced themselves: five super-rich men from the upper echelons of the tech investment and venture fund world” used the phrases.

Rushkoff, in his article describing the meeting in question, stated that the ultra-rich participants should be able to stock up on which cryptocurrency or which cryptocurrency they should stock up on. “Is it better virtual reality or augmented reality” He stated that they focused on issues such as:

According to Rushkoff, the conversation is from this point. “worrying” evolved to a point. Because the participants were discussing the regions that would be least affected by the climate crisis; options included New Zealand and Alaska.


Then, the participants discussed the major threats to life on Earth. Which was the greater threat; Global warming or biological warfare? How long could a human survive without outside contact or help from the outside world…

Participants discussed possible survival scenarios against environmental collapse, social unrest, nuclear explosion, solar storm, an unstoppable virus epidemic, or a malicious computer virus that turned everything upside down.

According to Rushkoff, one of the billionaires is about to deploy in his secret bunker if any of the above options come true. “a dozen marines” had rented; but he was worried about how he would pay them when his crypto assets became worthless…


Finally, the CEO of one of the brokerages announced that he has almost completed building his own underground bunker system. Billionaires at the meeting agreed to use special combination locks known only to them, or to use their food supply. to put some kind of discipline collar on the guards in exchange for their survival.even discussed designing robots that would serve as guards and workers, if they could.

“The way to get your guards to be loyal to you in the future is to treat them like friends right now” said Rushkoff, and recommended investing in people and human relations rather than ammunition or electrified wires. Rich participants rolled their eyes at these words that sounded like hippie philosophy…

Rushkoff continued:

“What I realized was that these guys were actually losers. The billionaires who called me into the desert to assess their bunker strategy were not the winners but the victims of the economic game (…) succumbing to a mentality we might describe as ‘making enough money to insulate themselves from the damage they’ve created’. It’s like he wanted to build a car that went fast enough to escape its own exhaust…”


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