The recurrence of this comet 50,000 years later! Guide to watching Comet

Uygar Mitat, who is actually a biologist and a hobby astrophotographer, explains how the comet was formed with these words: “Comet 2022 E3 (ZTF), as its name suggests, is a comet discovered in 2022. However, comets that can be discovered when they approach the Earth are known as celestial bodies consisting of ice, dust and rocks formed during the formation of planets. So they’re not actually stars. They come from Neptune. They move around the Sun and have an elliptical orbit. From time to time, they approach the Sun and become visible from Earth thanks to this light. Dust and gases pushed out of the core by solar winds also appear as tails.


By calculating the orbits of comets, astronomers estimate how long it will take them to be in the same spot. It is estimated that Comet 2022 E3 will reach the same point after 50,000 years. So it was at this point 50,000 years ago, which corresponds to the period of the Neanderthals. We can say that modern man will witness this for the first time. We will have an experience called ‘once in a lifetime’ (Lifetime event). Another feature is the first to be seen with the naked eye since comet ‘NEOWISE’ in July 2020. comet to be. Although not as big as NEOWISE, it will be possible to see.”


Mitat says that the date when the comet can be seen most clearly is February 1:

Weather forecast As it changes momentarily, those who are better able to predict conditions and better organize will be able to see it. The brightest dates are February 1 and around. Although it will come closest to Earth on February 1-2, it will be observed by professionals with a telescope throughout February.”


The astrophotographer stated that Comet 2022 E3 can be seen from Turkey if the weather conditions are suitable. Civilized Mythlisted his recommendations for amateur observers as follows:

1- Find a place where the weather is clear and cloudless.

2- Choose a light and dark place with the north direction to get the city lights behind you. You can also explore beforehand.

3- Choose safe places against wild animals and other dangers, do not go to deserted places alone.

4- It will be very cold. In addition, choose clothes taking into account the temperature difference at night.

5- Hot drink goes well in cold weather. Take a thermos with you.

6- If the weather conditions are suitable, you can see it with the naked eye, but don’t forget to take binoculars with you.

7- Install applications that show instantaneous location of celestial bodies such as Stellarium and Skyview on your phone beforehand.

8- In the search section in the application ‘comet Write 2022 E3 (ZTF)’ to determine the direction you will look at the sky.

9- If you don’t have the app, turn north towards the constellations Ursa Major and Ursa Minor.

10- Wait patiently to witness this historical moment in an area as high as possible, dark and open to the north.