The punishment of Lerzan Mutlu, who insulted Seren Serengil, has been announced!


Artist Lerzan Happy‘s social media account in 2020 Seren Serengil A verdict was issued in the case where he was charged with “insulting in a chained manner with a voice, written or video message” on the grounds that he had made insulting posts against his mother and his mother, with a demand for imprisonment of up to 4 years and 1 month. At the hearing held at the Anadolu 41st Criminal Court of First Instance, the accused Lerzan Mutlu and the complainants Seren Serengil and her mother Nevin Teoman While he did not attend, his lawyers were present in the hall.

The lawyer of the complainant Nevin Teoman, who spoke at the hearing, demanded that Lerzan Mutlu be punished, saying, “It is clear that the addressee of the insult is my client and her daughter.” The defendant’s lawyer said, “We demand the acquittal of the client. The addressee of my client’s sharing is not the complainants, and this claim has not been proven. There is no concrete evidence in the file that the alleged crime was committed,” he said.


The court, which decided the case, sentenced Lerzan Mutlu to a judicial fine of 8 thousand 720 TL for “publicly insulting with a voice, written or video message”. The court decided to defer the announcement of the verdict.

From the indictment

In the indictment prepared by the Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office, it was stated that there were enmity and disagreements between Seren Serengil and Lerzan Mutlu based on the pre-event, and that Lerzan Mutlu had shared insults against Seren Serengil and her mother on her social media account. In the indictment, in which it was noted that the reconciliation process initiated between the parties resulted in negative results and that the parties could not come to an agreement, it was requested that Lerzan Mutlu be sentenced to 4 months, 10 days, 4 years and 1 month in prison for “insulting in a chain with a voice, written or video message”.


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