The protests that started in Iran after the death of Mahsa Amini continued on the 15th day.

Protests in Iran continued on its 15th day

On the 15th day of the demonstrations that started after the death of Mahsa Amini in Iran, the streets in many cities of the country became lively again.

The relative calmness of the last 2 days in the cities where extensive security measures were taken was interpreted as the end of the protests.

With the resumption of protests in many universities of the country during the day, there were also movements in the streets.

The demonstrations, which started during the day in the cities of Senendec, Şehrekurd, Şahinşehr, Erak, Bukan, Babul, Kerec, Mashhad and Kermanshah, especially in Tehran, continued until the late hours of the night.

In some cities, there were images on social media where demonstrators barricaded the roads with garbage containers and set fires on the roads.

In some cities, it was seen that there was a clash between the demonstrators and the security forces and the police intervened with gas.

In Iran, calls were made to participate in the demonstrations to be held on Saturday by distributing brochures and on social media.

Thereupon, boycott actions were carried out in many universities to support the detained students and ensure their release.

As the events continued in many cities of Iran, the security forces, on the orders of the judiciary, launched a wave of detentions and arrests against demonstrators who participated in the protests and allegedly “endangered public safety”.

In this context, according to the news reflected in the country’s media, it is estimated that approximately 2,000 people, including students, famous names and journalists, were detained.


The death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini on September 16, who fell ill and was taken to hospital after being detained by the Irshad patrols known as the “morality police” in Tehran on September 13, caused outrage in the country.

The demonstrations, which started after Emini’s funeral in her hometown of Sakkız on September 17, spread to many cities of the country.

Iranian state television announced that 41 people, including security forces, lost their lives during the demonstrations.

*The visuals of the news were served by the Associated Press.