The price that makes stock in sunflower oil has been heralded! 5 liters will be sold for 130 TL in that market! The queue is not over until it closes!

The unprecedented price drop for sunflower oil comes from this market. 5 liters of sunflower oil has been reduced to 135 pounds. This is a market with big discounts for sunflower oil..

While sunflower oil was one of the biggest price increases of the year, rising sunflower oil prices made it difficult for many to make a living.

While the price of sunflower oil caused people to overcome the current struggle for livelihood, the increase in the price of sunflower oil greatly affected the market owners. While some market officials made a decision to stop the sales of sunflower oil due to the high prices of sunflower oil, some market officials started to set sales quotas.

To the rescue of citizens who complained about the increasing prices of sunflower oil, they made a market and made everyone happy by making a big discount on their liter.


After the increase in sunflower oil prices, the price reduction that will turn into people’s medicine comes from the PTT AVM. A 5-liter sunflower oil box of PTT AVM TMO is on sale for 135 TL. Although this is a very small amount compared to the market, people showed great interest in this discount.

Those who lack sunflower oil in their homes or workplaces can choose PTT AVM to buy sunflower oil at a more affordable price.