The price hike is over, the discount news has arrived! Gasoline diesel LPG prices will decrease, the date has been determined

The successive hikes in fuel prices in the past weeks are finally coming to an end. After the news of the hike, which came to the point of revolting the car owners, this time the needle reversed. According to the breaking news, there is good news of discount on fuel prices. It was announced in the date for a big discount on fuel prices. Gasoline, diesel and LPG prices will decrease. So, when will the discount on fuel come? When is the gasoline LPG and diesel discount?

Due to the increase in global oil prices and the fluctuation in the dollar exchange rate, fuel prices in Turkey started to change almost every day. Good news came to the drivers who were shaken by the news of the price hike in the past weeks. Great discounts await you when shopping at the Petrol Ofisi with Yapı Kredi Bank’s credit card. Those who shop for 250 TL or more of fuel will receive a 70 TL discount. Yapı Kredi Bank shared the details of the campaign. Do not miss the good news of the fuel discount…


Good news for Yapı Kredi customers who buy fuel from the petrol office. Those who use Yapı Kredi Bank’s credit card and shop for fuel from Petrol Ofisi will win gift money for their fuel purchases of 250 TL or more. For 4 different fuel purchases of 250 TL or more, which you will make with Yapı Kredi Bank’s credit card at one of the Word member Petrol Ofisi stations, 70 TL will be loaded into your score card. The conditions of participation in the campaign and the campaign process were explained in detail by Yapı Kredi Bank.



You will have the chance to earn 70 TL cash points until February 15, 2023 for fuel purchases you will make with Yapı Kredi Bank’s credit card, one of the petrol offices. You can participate in the campaign via SMS. In addition, there are extra discounts for those who participate in the campaign through the word mobile application. Special discounts will also be given to those who make their purchases with a QR code.


Yapı Kredi Bank’s fuel campaign is only valid for individual cards. At the same time, the main cards can participate in the campaign, additional cards cannot benefit from the campaign. It has been learned that the campaign is valid for purchases made from Petrol Ofisi member businesses.