The period of cautious approach to hard action in the stock market!


After the net foreign purchases reflected in the official data in the week of September 2, we experienced the first official net sales movement in the week of September 9, when the stock market peaked and the banks went up and down.


On Wednesday, banks and many of the other companies cut the circuit at the prices they brought down. And finally, BIST was completely cut off and the session was interrupted. However, despite this measure, unfortunately, the sales that pulled the banks to the bottom continued on Thursday as well. Banking stocks, which have been giving the impression of falling within the session for a few weeks, but had a ceiling close to the closing of the session, this time with the opposite image, giving the impression that they would turn up in the session and saw the bottom again. Although those who are old enough in the market have been struggling to explain that such movements are not normal in a healthy stock market for weeks, and warn individual investors to be careful, the truth is that some domestic investors have bought banking shares at least 10-15 percent higher.


Of course, all of this has to do with being able to buy stocks cheaper. Moreover, those who bought banking shares at much lower, almost bottom prices in the long term were the ones that followed the latest ceilings and floors the most calmly and without stress. Because, as everyone who is an expert in these markets says, we know that Borsa İstanbul is never and never expensive. Although it rises, it is a little less cheap at most, but this does not change the fact that Borsa Istanbul is still very, very cheap. Moreover, the cheapness of the stock market is not a personal opinion or belief. From inflation in the country to the market values ​​of global stock markets, from the valuations that financial performances deserve, dollar Every expert, domestic and foreign, evaluates it in this way when every mathematical data is presented, from performance analysis based on performance analysis. For this reason, the recent declines and rises in the stock market do not mean much for the long-term stock market investor. However, it has disastrous results for those who trade short or long with leverage in VIOP. For this reason, it is never recommended to evaluate the money entering the spot market correctly, to open aggressive positions with the expectation of foreign purchase and fear of missing the rise.


When we superimpose the foreign exchange share and the foreign exchange value graphs, a striking result emerges, and even this scene is actually a good example to show who has benefited from the recent events. The period when the link between the share of foreign investors and the value of the share portfolio of foreign investors is broken, that is, the period when domestic investors begin to drag the market coincides with April-May 2022. Between the recent ceilings and floors, we see a valuation that cannot be explained by the increase in the foreign share. Looking at the data of the last few days, there is a rise in the foreign share again, while there is a sharp decrease in the share values. This creates the impression that the hunt for shorts can start again when the wealth is transferred from long positions enough in the coming days.

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