The news that will make you miss the taste of Starbucks! Even the memory of the coffee will increase after these prices!

Starbucks, which opened branches in many provinces of Turkey and increased the number of branches to 562, decided to increase coffee prices. The prices of large coffee at Starbucks, which increased by 30 percent in all coffee products, were astonishing.

In the new year, after the increase in the minimum wage and the salaries of pensioners and civil servants, there was a price increase in many services from food to fuel. While the ‘raise frenzy’ applied in every item in the new year has already melted the minimum wage, Starbucks, which has branches all over Turkey, also joined the hike trend.

Starbucks, which opened its first branch in Turkey on Bagdat Street in Istanbul in 2003 and increased its number of branches to 562 by spreading to almost every city since then, decided to increase coffee prices.

Starbucks, which has increased by 30 percent in all coffee products, has increased the prices of large coffee to 50-60 liras.

In 2023, the price hikes continue. After the 30% increase in Starbucks, it has become difficult to buy coffee. While small size filter coffee increased to 32 liras, the price of medium size filter coffee increased to 39 liras and large size to 44 liras.


The price of medium-sized lattes rose to 45 liras, and the price of large-sized lattes to 50 liras. Small size mocha was 53 pounds, medium size mocha 61 pounds, and large size 67 pounds. While the small size of the Hot Chocolate product increased to 48 liras, the large size increased to 60 liras.

While the prices of Starbucks coffees vary according to the location of the branches, the prices of coffee in the branches in touristic places are even more expensive.