“The news came out but I was out of it”

Tayyip Talha Sanuç and Emrecan Uzunhan, who joined Beşiktaş during the transfer period, made statements at the press conference.

Explaining the transfer process to Beşiktaş, Tayyip Talha Sanuç said, “I realized that I was at the right address. The environment in the facilities and the team accelerated my adaptation process. The last 24 hours were very active in the transfer. Our president Murat Sancak was managing this situation. I knew it would be the best result for me. Thank you. The news came out, but I was out of this topic. After I arrived, I realized that I was at the right address.” used the phrases.

Regarding the Fenerbahce derby to be played at the weekend, the young player said, “It has been a short time since I joined the team. We have a very important match ahead of us. My only focus and motivation is on the championship. We are aware of how important derbies are. We are playing a very pressured and fast-paced game. I hope the derby is good We will get a result.” made the statement.


Regarding the game structure of the team, the 22-year-old player said, “I consider myself suitable for this system. A big team needs to play like this. It needs pressure and high tempo. We repeat this in training. Our teacher is always interested in me. The reason for my short adaptation period is the interest of my teacher in me. ” made its assessment.

Expressing that he wants to play in Europe later in his career, the young defender said, “Every football player wants to play in Europe, but my only motivation is Beşiktaş’s championship. Europe also needs the right time and the right conditions. Of course, I would like to play in Europe, but this is the right way. it should.” said.

“Saiss is the best defender in the league”

Emrecan Uzunhan, who said that Romain Saiss, one of the names that Beşiktaş added to his staff during the summer transfer period, is the best defender of the league, said, “When I came to Beşiktaş, there was a different system, but now we have turned into a 4 player. Roman Saiss is currently the best defender in our league. I am a young player. “I am a player and I always follow what he is doing in training to improve. Even if he has a chance to play, I will not miss him. Waiting behind him will add a lot to me.” said.

Stating that they played a fast-paced game, the young defender said, “Valerien coaches us like a big team should play. He wants to press all over the field. We train at a very fast pace. This system has some difficulties. The system demands that you be at a very high level physically. If the player wants to improve, he will improve here. I think the teacher’s work is very good.” used the phrases.


Emrecan Uzunhan said that he has a dream of playing in Europe but is currently focusing on Beşiktaş. said.

Emrecan Uzunhan also said, “There are differences between what is expected from the defenders in the past and today. I feel more comfortable when I play on the left side, but I think I can play on the right side. An unfortunate event took place in the Alanyaspor match. I hope not to live.” used the phrases.

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