The new bomb name for the Omer directory! Omer will lose his mind, look who’s coming to the series?

Ömer series, starring Gökçe Bahadır, Selahattin Paşalı, Barış Falay and Merve Dizdar, took its place among the productions that marked the new season. While the love of Gamze and Ömer came to the screens, it was announced that a new name was included in the series. Here is that actor who is included in the Omer series…

Ömer series, which appeared on the screens with its first episode, was met with great interest. It has been announced that a famous name is included in the Omer series, which is on the screens on Mondays. It was stated that the newcomer to the series is among the young actors. Here is that actor who is included in the Omer series…


While the TV series Ömer is among the productions that marked the season, it continues to add new names to the cast. Simay Barlas, one of the young actors, was seen in the trailer and was announced as the new name joining the series.

It was stated that Simay Barlas, who appeared on the screen with the latest Aziz series, will give life to the character of Süreyya in the TV series Ömer, in line with the news of Birsen Altuntaş. While the new episode trailer of the series is on the screens, the strict followers of the series “This beauty blows Omer’s mind”, “How many years until Monday”, “Gamze should not be, your father is right Omer”, “Simay Barlas has come”, “I did not expect from Omer, what happened?” ‘ he commented. It was reported that the beautiful actress Simay Barlas will appear on the screens as the character of Süreyya, whom Ömer agreed to meet after his disappointment.


Born in 1998, Simay Barlas graduated from Bilgi University Cinema and Television Department. Barlas, who appeared on the screen for the first time with the TV series Shattered, gave life to different characters in the TV series Name Legend, Life Sometimes Sweet, Zalim İstanbul and Aziz.