The name that will take the stage instead of Aleyna Tilki has been announced

MHP’s Osmancık Municipality announced that singer Aleyna Tilki’s concert, which will be held in the district on Saturday, September 24, as part of the ‘2022 Diamond Rice Culture and Art Festival’, was canceled due to Tilki’s reaction to the anti-LGBTI+ anti-plus action in Istanbul.

In the announcement made on his social media account, “2022 Diamond Rice Culture and Art Festival, organized by our municipality for the promotion of Osmancık Rice, will be held between 16-25 September 2022 with cultural and artistic events, sports activities, local events, fairs and national concerts.

Two separate concerts, ‘People’s Concert’ and ‘Youth Concert’, were planned within the framework of the festival. Singer Aleyna Tilki was invited to the Youth Concert with the suggestion of our youth. Our district is a city of history and culture that has hosted ancient civilizations. The people of Osmancık place great value on art and artists. However, the statements made by singer Aleyna Tilki in her interviews and on social media on 17.09.2022, which are incompatible with our culture, were met with sadness in the eyes of our people. The concert, which was planned to be held on Saturday, September 4, has been canceled as of today.

Aleyna Tilki, whose concert was canceled, used the following statements in her statement on her social media account;

“The marching voices of a discriminatory mindset are not something I can ignore. Especially when the subject is so-called ‘morality’ and the psychological and physical abuses that most of us have never walked into. We are back in the era of the witch hunt. But I have special powers, even if you burn me, I will not die.”


Aleyna Tilki, Osmancık Municipality, which made a new announcement after the announcement that her concert was canceled, announced that Kıraç will take the stage within the framework of the festival.

Kıraç will take the stage on Saturday, September 24th at the Osmancık Indoor Market Area as part of the festival.