The most detailed Moon photos ever taken from Earth released

The highest resolution images of the Moon ever captured from Earth have been shared.

Using a radar beam less powerful than a microwave oven, the researchers were able to capture the highest resolution images of the Moon ever taken from Earth.

Photos shared at the meeting of the American Astronomical Society (AAS) in Washington; It shows the landing site of NASA’s Apollo 15 mission, as well as the Tycho crater, a key impact feature of Earth.

The photos taken by the Green Bank Telescope in West Virginia, USA, which is the world’s largest steerable radio telescope, look quite impressive.

Patrick Taylor, head of the radar section of the 100-meter-wide telescope, said they sent radio waves to the Moon and captured the data with the Very Long Baseline Array radio telescope in Hawaii.

Taylor said that the Green Bank Telescope consumes only 700 watts of power in this process, which can compete with a household appliance or a few light bulbs.

Clearer images may be captured in the future

The researchers aim to transmit at 500 kilowatts, with about 700 times more power in the Green Bank Telescope. Thus, it is planned to obtain clearer images.