The mistake that angered the Russian people! They accidentally sent it to Ukraine…

Creation Date: September 29, 2022 15:05

It has been learned that the elderly, sick and unsuitable for the military were sent to Ukraine by mistake due to an error made within the scope of the ‘partial mobilization’ announced by Russian President Putin. While the authorities admit the mistake, anger among the Russian public is growing.


Russia President Putin recently Ukraine announced that they had taken a decision that could change the balance in the war. The ‘partial’ declared in Russia mobilizationWhile it caused panic among Russian citizens who did not want to join the military, there was a great confusion about who will be recruited and when.


It was stated that those who will be called up for military service within the scope of ‘partial mobilization’ will be those who are within the scope of ‘reserve soldiers’, those who have done their military service, those who have specialization in military service and those who have military experience.

However, the authorities admitted that some mistakes were made in the scope of conscription and that sick, elderly and unfit persons were mistakenly sent to military training or directly to Ukraine.

Kremlin spokesman Peskov said in a recent statement: “There are indeed cases where the mobilization decree was violated. In some regions, governors are actively working to rectify the situation. We hope all bugs will be corrected.’ had used the words.

The mistake that angered the Russian people They sent it to Ukraine by mistake...

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The Russian people, who took to the streets to protest the decision after the ‘partial mobilization’ decision, welcomed the mistakes made in the military recruitment with great anger.

As the criticism continued, the video released by the Altai region recruiting commander Marat Usmanov added to the tension.


Usmanov said he was aware of the growing complaints, but suggested that their conscription was the fault of the Russian citizens themselves.

Commander’s statement “There is a lot of anger about the conscription of unsuitable citizens. There is only one reason for this situation, which is that citizens do not report important information such as military records, changes in marital status to the military branches.” said.

The British Telegraph newspaper wrote that even strict Putin supporters were reacting to the mistake and wanted those who made this mistake to be dismissed.



The General SVR Telegram channel, which claims to have reliable sources from within the Kremlin, claimed that the number of people to be conscripted was 500 thousand people, not 300 thousand, in the post it made after the partial mobilization decision.

The British Guardian newspaper, on the other hand, claimed that 5 percent of the population in the villages of Eastern Siberia was called for military service and that the total number could be much more than 300 thousand.