The marriage lasted a year! The famous singer and his wife divorced…


Singer Tugba Autonomousthe businessman whom she married with a simple wedding ceremony between the family on June 30, 2021 Gokmen Tanacar He and he announced that they were getting divorced last September. Agreement opened by Tanachar divorce The case was heard at the Istanbul 5th Family Court today. Tuğba Özerk and Gökmen Tanacar attended the hearing with their lawyers.


The court stated that the parties applied to the court for an uncontested divorce. At the end of the hearing, which lasted for 5 minutes, it was decided to divorce the parties. Tuğba Özerk and Gökmen Tanaçar stated that they would leave their home. The parties did not claim alimony or compensation from each other.

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...

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After the hearing, singer Tuğba Özerk said, “We got divorced by agreement. A relationship of almost 4 years has ended. It is a sad thing, of course, no one would have wanted such a thing, there is nothing to do. We did not have a mutual request.” Özerk’s lawyer said, “Tuğba Hanım and Gökmen Bey got divorced without any alimony demand or property benefit.” Gökmen Tanaçar did not make a statement after the hearing. Tanachar’s lawyer, on the other hand, said, “The parties got married happily. Their marriage lasted for a certain period of time. They could not come to an agreement, good luck for both of them.” (Mikail BIYIKLI / DHA)

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...


magazine Famous names of the world manage to occupy the agenda not only with the series they act in or the programs they present, but also with the loves they experience… However, relationships that start with great excitement do not always reach a happy ending. Separation is the inevitable end in partnerships that sometimes get stuck in the family barrier and sometimes drift towards the end under the shadow of betrayal. After the decision, the couples say such words about each other that the last sentences remain in the memories rather than all the time spent together… Here are those names who once had great love and then did not leave what they said about each other…


Sometimes you can’t be very good husband and wife

Selen Soyder was in Bebek the previous evening. Soyder said that he will take a role in a new project: “I will be in front of the camera with Murat Boz and Burcu Özberk.”

Posing while eating mussels, the actress made the following statement about her divorce with Oren Fransez: “Two good people cannot be two good husbands and wives. Even though you are very good friends, sometimes you can’t be very good husband and wife.” (Say DURMAZ)

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...


Tolga Güleç spoke for the first time about his estranged lover, Yasemin Kaya Allen. Explaining his relationship that ended in the past months, Güleç said: “We had a great love with Yasemin in 5 months. She herself is an amazing person. But we couldn’t make time for each other, I had to go out of town for my shoot. She returned to her hometown. We’ve been so separated. It doesn’t matter if we can’t meet, but I always want to be in your life and see you, ”she said.


The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...

Answering the question ‘Did you have a marriage plan’, the famous actress said, ‘There was no marriage proposal, we were more new, we were in the process of getting to know each other’.

When asked about the possibility of reconciliation, Güleç said, “God knows, but we never thought of such a thing, I don’t want to talk big. If we reconcile later, I don’t want to be in a difficult situation.”

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...

We have decided to separate!

Actress Hilal Altınbilek and writer Metin Hara confirmed the news of her separation: “We decided to leave by agreement.” Altınbilek, “Will you be on the screen in the new season?” gave the following answer to the question:


“There are screenplays I’ve read, but I need time.” Saying that he likes to share photos on social media, the actor said, “How do you stay fit?” He replied “Happy” to the question.

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...

İrem Derici opened her mouth and closed her eyes…

Singer İrem Derici was in love with her colleague Cem Belevi. Derici, who was betrayed by Belevi in ​​the past months, but reconciled in a short time and continued his relationship, could not find the happiness he was looking for again.

The couple, whose relations were resentful and reconciled, broke up again due to betrayal. Allegedly, pop singer Cem Belevi cheated on İrem Derici, model Nergis Nesrullayeva.

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...


The reign is over, quarter pop!

After the news reflected in the press, İrem Derici opened her Instagram account and closed her eyes! Referring to Belevi, Derici used the following expressions in his post: “The reign is over, quarter pop singer. I wish you happiness for the rest of your miserable life. Have a good concert.”


Sinem Ayşe, who announced her name with the love she had with Emrah, also occupied the agenda with the striking statements she made after the breakup.

Ayşe about her old love, “The tooth money caused us to break up. My tooth was going to be filled, and one of my teeth was going to be extracted. It cost 500 TL in total. I quit my job because Emrah didn’t want me to work, I had no money. He sent me to the dentist. Then he phoned and said, ‘They asked me for the money, you go. “Pay it.” she said.

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...

“He used to say, ‘I am a graduate of the university of life’ every now and then. I learned from a close friend that he cheated on me. Many times, too. Shame on our past days.” he continued.


Emre Aşık was perhaps one of the most successful names in Turkish football… His football adventure, which he started in 1992, carried him from success to success in a short time.

The reason why Aşık, who stormed the fields, met the cameras was the love he had with Aysun Kayacı. The duo, who tried to keep their relationship away from the press at first, then boldly appeared before the cameras. Aysun Kayacı and Emre Aşık, who drew a picture of happiness everywhere they went, were the heroes of a great love that is rare. Aysun Kayacı, one of the couple, who was talked about getting married, said, “Emre proposed to me, but I refused. I love him so much that I don’t want to get married because I’m afraid our love will end.”

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...

The happiness of the famous couple was disrupted by Kayacı’s role in the TV series “Cat Kapı”. The separation became inevitable when Aysun Kayacı’s name got involved in love rumors with Fatih Aksoy, the producer of the series. Kayacı and Aşık announced that they ended their relationship with the fax they sent to the press.

Aysun Kayacı, who went to Nice with MED Yapım’s owner Fatih Aksoy after the breakup, was content with saying “I couldn’t control my emotions” when asked about her new relationship.

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...


İbrahim Tatlıses, who met music at a young age and climbed the ladder of fame rapidly, is on the agenda with his private life as well as his business life.

The most talked about relationship of the emperor, who first fell in love with Perihan Savaş and then with Derya Tuna, was with Asena. The love of the duo, who preferred not to appear in the middle at first, came to light as time passed.

After four years together, a black cat came between the couple, who did not leave each other for a moment. Celebrity lovers, who had rumors of separation many times before, parted ways this time. Tatlıses did not speak for a long time after his relationship ended.

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...

The famous artist broke this silence that lasted for 1.5 years in a show program that was broadcast on a private television channel and bears his name. Tatlıses, who wanted the cameras to shoot only her, criticized her estranged lover, the oriental Asena, for the words she used for her father Burhan Çakmak, ‘it’s more worthless than a mat’. Tatlıses, who could not control her tears while speaking, continued her words with increasingly heavy sentences to her former lover, to whom she said, “When I was with me, they used to call me lady, oriental, now they call them belly dancers”.

Tatlıses said, “I have erased you from my heart, my head and my heart for 1.5 years. You were saying, ‘My father is a very handsome man. What did this handsome father do to you? What happened now? You’re a shameless person, you know? I’ve been protecting you for exactly 2 years. Because of you, I’ve been bad with at least 20 courts, 20 prosecutors, at least a thousand friends. Why did you say ‘I loved you’? But I don’t love you anymore. It’s been 1.5 years, I don’t love you. I don’t respect you, I can’t make you say ‘lady’, I can’t make you say ‘oriental’, they call you ‘belly dancer’. For God’s sake, not for me, but for yourself. Say ‘he is my father’ and apologize, and ‘he is my mother’ and take it with you. Do you know what I always wanted from you?’ He gave the signals that he broke all ties with his ex-girlfriend.

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...


Pelin Sönmez and her pop singer Murat Dalkılıç magazine He was one of the favorite couples in the world. Murat Dalkılıç, who left the duo with a sudden decision, was seen with Ayşe Özyılmazel in a cafe.

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...

Özyılmazel, who preferred to make a statement instead of avoiding the cameras, said that they started a new relationship with Dalkılıç and they were very happy. Pelin Sönmez, who learned about her ex-lover’s new love through the cameras, summed up this relationship with the words ‘These are very nice moves’. The beautiful actress added, “These are very natural, extremely human-like instincts among people. The past has passed and there is nothing left to talk about.” he continued.

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...

However, the relationship between Dalkılıç and Özyılmazel did not go as well as expected, and the fresh lovers ended their abruptly started love again abruptly. The handsome pop singer took the breath with his ex-girlfriend Pelin Sönmez after the breakup. Unsuccessful in the second attempt, the couple parted ways forever.


Sergen Yalçın was one of the most successful names in Turkish football, who stormed the fields for a while…

Attracting attention with his fondness for night life, Yalçın occupied the agenda with his love for Aslı Sarı.

The couple, who was talked about getting married, broke up and made peace many times. Sergen Yalçın’s candid image with a woman at a nightclub was the last straw.

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...

The famous football player and his lover Aslı Sarı, who had a love affair with ups and downs for 4 years, parted ways with a firm decision, and Sarı preferred to remain silent after the relationship ended.

Yalçın, with whom she had a great love for a while, occupied the agenda with her increasingly heavy criticisms about Aslı Sarı after the breakup.

Yalçın said, “I made a mistake in loving him. I learned what he did after we broke up. I am not upset at the moment. Everything turned out. I’m glad I finished it. Don’t be fooled by his pure face.” he said.

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...

Sergen Yalçın also commented on Aslı Sarı’s mother’s disapproval of their relationship, and the words “They find it difficult to find someone like me. Who is her mother? I will weigh Aslı’s mother with money” has been discussed for a long time.


We asked Chloe Loughnan, who returned to her hometown after her 5-year marriage to Serdar Ortaç, about her life in Ireland. She is a famous model, she said she lives a peaceful and happy life.

Serdar Ortaç, when they divorced, said, “I gave alimony to my wife in return for her 10 years of service. We made a contract. I pay a nice amount each month. He was someone who never gave me a headache. May all that I give be halal”.

Chloe Loughnan, when we reminded her of her ex-wife’s words, said: “Serdar has not paid alimony for 5-6 months. He called me for a while saying ‘I can’t pay Chloe’. ‘I didn’t even ask why. He was going to pay every month for 2 years, but thank goodness. I am happy here with my family.”

The marriage lasted for a year The famous singer and his wife divorced...