The map on Togg’s Trumore platform suggests highways built with the build-operate-transfer model

An application has been implemented for the domestic automobile Togg, which is produced by Turkey’s Automobile Initiative Group (Togg) and will start pre-sale. Trumore, Togg’s smartphone application with many different features, was launched on January 20.

The “Go.more” section in the application provides map and navigation-route services. Location-based services that provide personalized route suggestions that take users around are included in this section.

The system, which allows charging network, road cost calculation, electricity generation calculation, and reservation operations through the application, only recommends the roads built with the build-operate-transfer (BOT) model when you create a route. The tenders for BOT projects are largely “won” by the companies Cengiz, Limak, Kalyon, Kolin and Makyol, which are known as the “gang of five” in the public.

For example, on a route created from Istanbul to Ankara, he proposes the Northern Marmara, that is, the build-operate-transfer model, which is paid even during religious holidays. The other option is the Osmangazi Bridge, which is also guaranteed to pass, and the O5 highway, which is in private operation. Another option, the Anatolian Highway, which is operated by the General Directorate of Highways, costs 95 TL for the same route, while one of the BOT roads on which the application draws a route is 133 TL and the other is 251 TL. On the Istanbul-Izmir route, although there are alternative cheap and short routes, the new Izmir road over the Osmangazi Bridge is offered as the only proposal with a payment of 473 TL.