“The main goal is to bring together Putin and Zelensky”

“The main goal is to bring together Putin and Zelensky”

Having completed his diplomatic contacts in New York, Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu met with Turkish citizens living in the United States at the Turkish Consulate General in Los Angeles yesterday. Minister Çavuşoğlu addressed the citizens from the state of California and abroad and made a speech.

Stating that he came from New York and that he was going to Japan to attend the state funeral of former Prime Minister of Japan, Abe Shinzo, who was later assassinated, Çavuşoğlu said in his speech;

“We had a very busy schedule in New York. In this intensity, the focus was on Turkey. Especially in recent years, our efforts for peace and the solution of the food-energy crisis, under the leadership of our President, are appreciated by the whole world. Also, the focal point is the Türkevi in ​​New York. Our citizens opened a “Turkish house” in San Diego as well, we congratulate them, we will give all kinds of support. But you have seen the Turkish House in New York, we opened a work that is proud of both its architecture and function last year. This year is very busy. “We organized meetings and events. Even the representatives of different countries and even the NATO Parliamentary Assembly held their meetings at the Turkevi during the year. There was such a crowd that many people thought of the Turkevi as an annex building of the United Nations.”

Stating that he met many citizens at the meeting, Çavuşoğlu said, “We have Armenian and Jewish citizens here again. Today is Shabbat, despite it, I sincerely thank our Jewish brothers and our Armenian citizens who came to be with us today. There are also Meskhetian Turks among us. You know the Meskhetian Turks in the 2007’s. “Our brothers who came to the USA from the Krasnodar region of Russia and spread to the whole of America. In the past, they were exiled a lot, suffered persecution and pain. During this time of exile, many lost their lives from hunger and disease.”


“The role we played in the grain crisis caused a relief in the world. Grain prices fell seriously for the first time since 2008. It fell by around 9 percent. We saw in New York that this grain issue is a priority for everyone, from the richest to the poorest. Many leaders and speakers from the UN tribune thanked Turkey. Now we are working with the UN in our coordination center in Istanbul to remove obstacles to fertilizer exports. Both countries have delegations. We have found some solutions. These products of Russia are on the sanction list. Since there is no insurance, we are working to eliminate the hesitations about insurance, service and especially payment.”


“The main goal of our President is to bring together Mr. Putin and Mr. Zelenskiy. For this, confidence-building steps must be taken in order to return to the political process. We played an important role in the last prisoner exchange. You must have followed suit. Currently, there are 5 The commander of the Ukrainian Azov brigade came to Turkey. Mutual names were exchanged, but there will be a continuation of this, we are making efforts. There is a nuclear power plant in Zaporozhye, a power plant that is much bigger than Chernobyl. A risk occurred immediately. International Atomic Energy Agency ( “We brought together the IAEA) and the Russians in Istanbul. Later, we sent IAEA’s experts to Zaporizhia. Currently, work continues at the technical level. Turkey is doing its part in all these areas.”

“While following the priorities of this foreign policy for us, another important priority that I attach great importance to is to support and not leave you alone, our citizens, kin and relatives living abroad. To increase the quality and speed of the service we provide to you.”


“We appointed our special representatives to normalize relations with Armenia. We said, ‘Let’s forget about Vienna and Moscow, let’s meet in Turkey and Armenia.’ We made some gestures, we opened our airspace. Direct flights began. Air transport, trade begins. After all, some We have taken steps, but due to the pressure on Armenia, it is not able to take the bold steps we want. It is necessary to encourage it, especially on the issues they negotiate with Azerbaijan. Unfortunately, maybe a small number of them, but a group that has a loud voice in the USA, the Armenian group, is against this normalization. They are against Armenia. They have no contribution to Armenia. They always act on hatred and Armenia desperately needs peace and cooperation in the region. It is a country that has lived in isolation until now. But this opportunity should be used well.”

“PKK, DEASH and FETO also have the blood of our innocent people on their hands. We will continue our fight against them. We caught one of the most important leaders of DAESH when we finally entered Turkey. At the moment, the proceedings are continuing. We will continue our fight against terrorism with determination.”


“Unfortunately, America still supports the PKK/PYD in Syria, they actually support their separatist agenda. But this terrorist organization has also increased its attacks recently. The presence of FETO here, on the other hand, the KATSA sanctions are issues that disturb us. Actually, all of these “For us, it’s a matter of national security. We expect sensitivity from our ally, the United States. We expect them to understand our sensitivities. We discussed all this with Blinken in New York.”


“When we look at our foreign policy areas, in fact, when we look at America’s priorities, Turkey is not one of the most important actors in America’s priority areas, but the most important actor. Therefore, the importance of America in this sense to Turkey was the grain agreement, thank you. ‘. The fact that it is a prisoner of tiny countries prevents the EU from being a global actor.”