The leader who builds bridges between enemies

Turkey’s ability to maintain good relations with countries that stand at the opposite poles of international relations has recently been on the agenda of the whole world. The reason is his successful shuttle diplomacy with Ukraine and Russia, which are already at war with Ukraine. So much so that on the one hand, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan is the only leader who met with Putin, then contacted Zelensky personally in Ukraine, and mediated with positive results in crises such as the grain issue. So much so that the leader of France, Emmanuel Macron, does not hide that he is jealous of this unique role of Turkey. Addressing the ambassadors in Paris last week, Macron said, “Who wants Turkey to be the only world power that continues to talk to Russia?” He went so far as to say.

Among Turkey’s enemies bridge-building foreign policy specific only to the Russia-Ukraine axis not. A similar situation has actually been In Bosnia-Serbia relations is happening. Erdogan’s last Balkan visit the best example of this. President Erdogan, first Bosnia and Herzegovina, then It was warmly received in Serbia. Images served by agencies from the region, The images are proof of that…

Not much, just 30 years ago, in the heart of Europe close to both sides at war conducting relations Turkey is one of the few countries. The President’s Holocaust visiting the remaining Bosnians first, Aliya, the first leader of independent Bosnia and Herzegovina Like Izetbegovic praying at his grave It is necessary to underline the details. Erdogan’s prayer at the grave of Izetbegovic new service of the Islamic Union after going to the building and addressing the muftis Another diplomatic message. Because, Inheritance from the Ottoman Empire the remaining Muslim Bosnian people, Turkish foreign has a very special place in the policy know knows. President Erdogan’s Islamic Culture in Sisak, Croatia Participating in the opening ceremony of the Center, Ottoman heritage in the Balkans Another part of the exit policy.
Last week, I brought up the double standard applied by Western countries to Turkey regarding visa issues in my column. I also mentioned that the arbitrary rejection stick came into play in the matter of all the money spilled, the documents collected, and the visa issue, which turned into a bureaucratic ordeal.

On the one hand, to intimidate Turks with visas if there is a working West, on the other hand established in the ancestral lands of Turkey. mutual, fruitful relationship ‘travel with identity’ decisions there is. President Erdogan’s One of the most important results of the Balkan visit this was one of them. Now Turkey citizens of the Republic only Bosnia using identity cards Able to travel to Herzegovina. Similar a decision was also taken with Serbia. well two regional rivals, unconditionally, unconditionally, It opened its borders to Turkish citizens, Turkey took the same step.
Especially, Western Europe, while introducing ‘protective’ policies day by day due to issues such as the Ukraine War and the energy crisis, this open-door policy that Turkey has been carrying out in the Balkans, which is a part of Europe, with all its composure, has undermined its mediation role and Turkey’s weight in diplomacy. It is an undeniable fact that it will strengthen it.

Precisely for this reason, like Macron leaders are table setters with their old habits expel the delusion of not being instead, Turkey’s labor and contact He should follow his diplomacy closely.