The last audio recording of Emiliano Sala, who died in the plane crash, has been revealed! The BBC released the footage…


Emiliano Sala transferred from the French Ligue 1 team Nantes to the English Premier League team Cardiff City at that time, at the half-time of the 2018/19 season. As a result of the agreement of the clubs, Sala, who had to go to Wales from France to join his new team, got on a private plane arranged by his manager. On January 21, the Piper Malibu model airplane that Sala was riding alone crashed into the English Channel and the Argentine footballer died at the age of 28.


Emiliano Sala’s plane, which flew between Nantes and Cardif, had no crew other than the pilot. Emiliano Sala’s body was found 18 days after the crash that shocked the world, but the body of pilot David Ibbotson was not found.


Cardif City, in a statement right after Sala’s death, announced that Nantes would be given the agreed transfer fee, and the annual salary agreed with Sala would be paid to his family. However, the Welsh team, which planned to fill the striker gap with Sala, was relegated to the end of the season after the tragic event and was deprived of the high income of the Premier League.


Cardiff City later announced that it would not pay Sala’s testimonial. Despite the sanctions pressure from FIFA and FIFPro, the club did not back down. The issue is currently in the triangle of Nantes – Cardiff City and Sala’s family International Sport It continues to be discussed in the Court of Arbitration (CAS).


In the investigation of the accident in which Emiliano Sala lost his life and the subsequent court case, it was revealed that the pilot David Ibbotson, who lost his life, did not complete his night flight training and the plane did not have the necessary license for commercial flights.

It was stated that Sala’s manager and team first met with 67-year-old pilot David Henderson to organize the flight, but Henderson could not make the flight because he was in Paris with his wife. On the other hand, it was recorded that Ibbotson, who was assigned by Henderson, who organized the flight, made the flight despite not having a night flight and commercial pilot license. ‘Would you like to spend 3 days in Nantes?’ It was also reflected in the records that he asked a question in the form of


As a result of the court, pilot and flight organizer David Henderson was found guilty by a 2 to 10 majority.


The BBC has released the latest audio recordings of Sala and pilot Ibbotson on the plane.

The recording includes the following statements from Sala’s final speech:

“I’m on a plane that looks like it’s breaking down right now. If you don’t hear from me, I don’t know if someone will call me because they won’t find me. I’m so scared.”

In his phone call, the pilot of the plane, David Ibbotson, said, “They trusted me to bring him in dangerous weather. Normally, my life jacket is between the seats, but tomorrow I will definitely put it on.” he speaks.

Here is the video shared by the BBC:



On the other hand, Cardiff City, the club where Sala died in an accident while flying for a transfer, made a shocking request from Nantes at the hearing of the ongoing case at CAS regarding the transfer fee and salary payment.

According to the news of The Sun, the Wales team claimed that Sala was not allowed to play in the Premier League on the day of the accident, and it is not known whether he will get official permission despite the contract. In addition, it was emphasized that the financial loss of the club, which played in the Premier League at that time and tried to solve the scorer problem with Sala, could not get rid of relegation when the problem continued in the goal lane after the accident.


The Wales team, which is currently struggling to stay in the Championship, demanded 95 million Euros from Nantes, taking into account all these losses.


It was stated that Cardiff City based its 95 million euro compensation claim on West Ham United’s violation of the three-sided ownership ban in the transfers of Carlos Tevez and Javier Mascherano in 2007, and Sheffield United, who were relegated at the end of the season, by filing a lawsuit and punishing West Ham.

Several Premier League clubs joined Sheffiele United in the 2007 lawsuit and West Ham complained, but the London team was fined £5.5m and the fate of the teams relegated remained unchanged.


According to club sources, Cardiff City are confident that their case is better than they were at the time, and they think they can seek compensation from Nantes.


Cardif City denied this news in a statement on its official website.