“The instruction may change for Yusuf Demir”

Discussions about the foreign status of Yusuf Demir, one of Galatasaray’s new transfers, continue.

Yusuf Demir, who was born and grew up in Vienna, preferred the Austrian National Team and played in 4 matches, therefore works in the foreign quota in the Super League.

Galatasaray President Dursun Özbek stated that his contacts were continuing for Yusuf Demir to play in the domestic status. Coach Okan Buruk reacted to the player’s playing as a foreigner.

HaberturkSpeaking to , Galatasaray’s former vice president, lawyer Rezan Epözdemir, made evaluations on the subject.

“TFF can change instructions”

“The issue of Yusuf Demir is widely discussed in the public. It is being discussed whether he can play in the Turkish status or not. Of course, according to the current TFF instructions, it is not possible for Yusuf to play in the Turkish status at the moment. This instruction made in 2015… The instructions are made by the TFF Board of Directors, and the status changes are made by the TFF General Assembly. Therefore, at its first meeting, the board of directors may make a change of instruction to prevent similar grievances. If all players with the citizenship of the Republic of Turkey make an instruction change that any player can play in the domestic status, it will solve the problem… Therefore, it is not very difficult to change. If this instruction causes injustice There must be a will to solve this problem.”

“Galatasaray first to the Board of Directors, then to the Board of Arbitration…”

“As for the legal remedy that can be applied, Galatasaray must first apply to the TFF Board of Directors. If it is rejected, it must appeal to the TFF Arbitration Board. According to the 2nd paragraph of Article 59 of the Constitution, the Arbitration Board is authorized in this matter and its decisions are judicial. It has been clearly regulated that it is closed to judicial remedy.”