The institutions that Tarkan will donate to after Izmir have been announced

Tarkan gave a concert in Gündoğdu Square as part of the celebration program of the 100th anniversary of İzmir’s liberation from enemy occupation on September 9. Tarkan stated that he would donate the fee he received from the concert attended by thousands of people.


İsmail Küçükkaya, presenting the ‘New Morning’ program on Halk TV, He stated that he would donate Tarkan’s fee to three different institutions. Küçükkaya said, “Tarkan agreed with the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for a very good amount of money for the concert. I know the number, but I won’t reveal it. Tarkan is a very generous person who does not like to explain his help. He is one of those who say that what one hand gives, the other hand should not see. The money he agreed on for the concert Education Volunteers Foundation, Purple Roof Women’s Shelter Foundation and caring for our orphaned children to Darüşşafaka will forgive. Tarkan, please don’t be offended.”


On the other hand, Darüşşafaka Society announced on its social media account that Tarkan made a donation.

In its description, ”Turkey’s Megastar Tarkan; After the concert he gave on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of İzmir’s liberation from the enemy occupation on September 9, he made a donation to Darüşşafaka, which has changed lives with quality education for 159 years. it was said.