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Lifetime Gedik: I looked and I did not see such a different activity in his account. It was already active before.

War Ozbey: I don’t see anything unusual either. event‘also. Hadise is always the same Hadise.

Orkun Fame: How is it the same? The woman stands still and appears before us in interesting poses after the silence. With pretentious poses. Do I have a question? No. I think she shares some pretty good photos.

Onur Basturk: If the photo blast means something is happening, it’s probably a new album or song. Or the “I am not destroyed, I am standing” operation.

The 'I'm not down, I'm standing' operation after the incident

Onur Basturk – Omur Gedik – Savas Ozbey – Orkun Un

The ‘Paradise Quarter’ shootout

The waters between Shakira and Pique are not calming. In her last song, Shakira told her cheating ex-girlfriend Gerard Piqué, “I’m worth two 22-year-old girls. You traded a Ferrari for a Twingo. You traded a Rolex for a Casio,” she called out. Pique went and Twingo got in the car and started using Casio watches. Shakira placed a large witch figure on her balcony overlooking her ex-mother-in-law’s house. Council, do you think the quality of this discussion is starting to fall to the ground?

Lifetime Gedik: The quality of Pique is already low in my eyes, it is even crawling on the ground. Shakira’s cursing at Pique and her mother-in-law also puts my mind at ease. Let him be punished. For God’s sake, what is it that women suffer from men and their mothers who raised these men so disgracefully! They just couldn’t finish.

The 'I'm not down, I'm standing' operation after the incident

Orkun Fame: You’re so tough, Life. Okay, Pique is unfair, but shouldn’t it end somewhere? They turned the events into a neighborhood fight.

The cheater will be punished sooner or later. Let him see his way to Allah. What kind of songs should be sent…

Onur Basturk: I think they’re a lot of fun, a real Latino “Paradise Quarter” shootout. But here’s what’s left of the fun: Shakira actually humiliates herself with the comparisons she makes in her song and PiqueIt targets the “new woman” who is with . Although he seemed to be targeting Pique, he would actually say, “Why is that woman and not me?” succumb to the feeling.

War Ozbey: There are two schools about being cheated on or being with another woman: the school of Demet Akalın from Dizili and the school of Ebru Gündeş, the Iron Lady. Those who write songs after old love, and those who cut them like ice in the cold of iron. The first may be more efficient in terms of artistic production, but the second is more elegant. Shakira‘ should follow Ebru’s path, not Demet’s.


Ozan Doğulu who mocks the height difference between him and his lover Hera; “Friends, is the height difference an obstacle to love?” said. Do you think height is an obstacle to love?

Onur Basturk: It’s not an obstacle, of course. The issue here is the measurement of the balance of power between men and women based on “height”. If the woman was short and the man was tall, no one would think this way, even these questions would not be asked. That’s the bad thing!

The 'I'm not down, I'm standing' operation after the incident

War Ozbey: Average male height is taller than average female height. Naturally, in an ideal couple, the eye is looking for the man to be one click taller than the woman. But exceptions don’t break the rule, of course.

Lifetime Gedik: E Ozan is right, what does love have to do with height? Love is an equation with many unknowns, it takes shape differently for everyone. Love has nothing to do with genre, let alone height. For example, I am in love with my cat. Is her being a cat an obstacle to love?

Orkun Fame: Offff… I mean, we had an empty argument. What does love have to do with boy? Okay, if the man is too short and if the women wear high heels, it can look a little strange from the outside. This problem can be easily overcome by not wearing high heels, but… I mean, it’s not a big deal, it’s not something that will prevent love, especially love.

It’s ‘fortunately he will fall’

Have any of you watched Kismetse Olur? There are allegations that a recent contestant’s butt fell off… Is this true?

Lifetime Gedik: It is in the top 5 among the programs I have not watched. It can’t steal my time. I don’t know about the butt or anything else.

Orkun Fame: It’s all a show, it’s all a lie… The contestants are playing a script. But I think the producers are in great danger. Because there are such poor quality contestants, those who do not know good manners… They will definitely cancel the program.

The 'I'm not down, I'm standing' operation after the incident

Onur Basturk: It is probably a fiction, as a competitor spit it out.

War Ozbey: I wasn’t watching the competition before, nor this new version. But I saw that photo on social media. Doesn’t it matter, doesn’t he tug and fix it? If it’s for the rating, it’s “Fortune falls”.

Neither suicide nor allegation

Bircan Bali made the claim that she “attempted suicide” about the young actress Hafsanur Sancaktutan. Hafsanur denied this claim. Is there such a claim?

Orkun Fame: It is a terrific slander against a young person… Hafsanur flatly denied it. I don’t think he would make such a sharp denial if there was even the slightest grain of truth.

Lifetime Gedik: It’s a very ambitious claim. These are sensitive issues. Neither suicide nor allegation.

The 'I'm not down, I'm standing' operation after the incident

War Ozbey: He apologized and said, “I accept all criticism,” said Bircan Bali, but it was too late. He made me feel compelled to give that woman that photo of her wrists.

Onur Basturk: The news of ‘attempted suicide’ is not child’s play. No celebrity, whether young or old, should be pushed this far, “You attempted suicide!” saying. The other party says “I didn’t”, it’s like saying “Go on, commit suicide” to try to prove it.

There is no more of him!

Hande Yener released the song “There’s One More From Me”. How did you find both his new style and his song? Is Hande trying to distinguish herself from other names in the market?

Onur Basturk: I tried to listen to the song by forgetting the famous “I’m the only one” shout of Melek Judge and I loved it. Sound is pretty good.

The 'I'm not down, I'm standing' operation after the incident

Lifetime Gedik: Delicious. Hande’s style and innovations always keep her in a separate and beautiful place. It happened again.

War Ozbey: He tried a lot, but in general he is one of the only artists who walk without breaking his line and style, for example without drowning in arabesque. Well said, there isn’t another one of him.

Orkun Fame: That’s Hande Yener! I sympathize with the woman without knowing it. I like his song and his style. ‘They will do better, they say to the stage’…