The government was busy with the TAF, not the islands.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has spoken about Syria a while ago. “We can come suddenly one night” He now delivers his message for Greece.

with a song “I can come suddenly one night” your message Cyprus Peace Operation It has a previous history.

In the face of the persecution of the Greek Cypriots, the Turkish Armed Forces (TAF) They would wait for him to come to the island. Knowing this, the Greeks turned their radios off to annoy the Turks.I waited but you didn’t come” they played the song.

Turks from their radio “I can come suddenly one night” They would respond with a song.

The Turkish Armed Forces put an end to the oppression of the Greeks by carrying out the Cyprus Peace Operation on the night of July 20, 1974, and this is how the TRNC was established.

This is the meaning of this lyrics that Erdogan sang now.

Why does Erdogan remind Greece?

The reason is that for 20 years, Greece has occupied islands and reefs in the Aegean that do not belong to it. Now on these islands Greece and European Union flags are waving. Most of them have Greek soldiers. Among them, there is an island within Turkish territorial waters, right under the nose of İzmir.

Former Secretary General of the Ministry of National Defense, retired staff colonel Ümit Yalım says that Greece has occupied the islands since 2004. It publishes maps, images. He writes articles. He talks about it on TV shows. But the government did not heed the warnings for 20 years.

He watched as Greece invaded the islands for years, not overnight, but by daylight.

Why didn’t the government intervene in Greece when it occupied the island opposite İzmir in 2004 for the first time?

He didn’t, because at that time he was busy making concessions in Cyprus in order to enter the EU. He strongly supported the Annan Plan. Rauf DenktasHe was doing his best to disarm him. He was trying to keep Greece pleasant. He did not like the foreign policy of the old Turkey. He saw the Cyprus case as a hindrance. For this reason, he did not object to the Greek occupation of the islands.

The Turkish side accepted the Annan Plan, but the Greeks rejected it. AK Party Cyprus policy of his government collapsed. Cyprus became a full member of the EU. remained outside of Turkey.

By 2007, Greece was continuing to occupy the islands. So why was Turkey still not intervening?

It didn’t because the government was busy liquidating the TAF at that time, not the islands. The commanders of the TAF, committed to democracy and Atatürk’s principles, were going to prison one by one. He even accused the Chief of General Staff, İlker Başbuğ, of being a “terrorist” and imprisoned him for two years.

His preoccupation was not the islands in the Aegean. It was to do business with the community he later called FETO.

FETOist commanders, who were brought to important command positions in the TAF, attempted to stage a military coup on July 15, 2016, to seize power and to destroy the secular Republic of Turkey.

Power “we were deceived‘ He said and got out of the business.

So why didn’t the government intervene in Greece, which continued to occupy the islands until 2021?

He didn’t because he has been busy trying to overthrow Assad in Syria since 2011. He followed the Muslim Brotherhood, who had abandoned the foreign policy of the old Turkey, and was trying to bring them to power in neighboring countries. He devoted all his attention to this work. To this end, Turkey was left alone in the Eastern Mediterranean, and Greece, taking advantage of this opportunity, developed and strengthened its cooperation with Israel, Egypt and Italy.

Turkey could not get the desired result in Syria either.

Now that the election process is underway, he is looking for a heroism that will raise nationalist feelings.

Let’s see if I can find it?

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