The government increased the rents of Family Health Centers by 55 percent.

The serious increase in housing and workplace rents due to inflation also affected Family Health Centers (FHC). In many provinces, the rents of Family Health Centers whose contracts with the state have expired have been increased by 55 percent.

In Istanbul, the rents of these centers will be increased in January. Istanbul Family Medicine Association President Dr. Serkan Özbakış stated that the government raises rented ASMs every year within the scope of the Consumer Price Index (CPI) rates and said, “These increases are made in January every year for Istanbul. In January, a 50-55% hike will be made in Istanbul. Some FHCs whose contracts have expired in other provinces have been increased by 55 percent in the 12-month CPI rate. On the other hand, there were FHCs who were asked to evacuate because their contracts were up, and there were centers where a 200 percent rent increase was requested.”


Özbakkış said, “We are melting away financially day by day. ASMs are losing their sustainability. The current expense paid to us by the state no longer covers our expenses. In the continuation of this work, doctors will escape from the family medicine system, these centers will be closed or this system will be corrected in some way. There is no other way around this. The expense paid by the state should be increased in proportion to the hikes in personnel expenses, materials, electricity, water, natural gas, everything,” he said.


On the other hand, family physicians will benefit from the incentive payment within the scope of the Additional Payment Regulation, published by the Ministry of Health and introduced as “White Reform”, as much as the number of patients they care for. Özbakkış said, “In the incentive payment, a payment subject to the examination condition is planned. If you pass 75 patients, you can get the full payment. As family physicians, we do not only provide examination services. We do a lot of work, from routine disease follow-ups to cancer screenings and child vaccinations. It is wrong to measure the work we do by inspection. With this regulation, they tell us, ‘Do not perform preventive health services, only do examination’. This is a system that will bring the end of the family medicine system. Because this is not a situation that is compatible with the family medicine system.”

Özbakış stated that making additional payments to family physicians by the regulation also makes it subject to penalty points, and said, “If we do not receive any penalty with this article, they will make additional payments. In order not to be punished, it is necessary not to participate in work stoppages and not to be late for work. If we do these, no support payment will be made,” he said.