The forces behind the uprising in Iran – MEHMET BARLAS

22 year old in Iran mahsa Amini’of the “the rules of hijab doesn’t fit” detained on the grounds starting on his death the shows continue. sure dead While the number was not announced, state television 35 so far during the events announced the death of the person. Elon Musk announced that the satellite internet service Starlink will be activated in Iran.
We know from our experiences that no uprising comes out on its own. Behind it must “global powers” and especially “CIA” is happening. “Orange Revolution” called Soros There is no one in the world who does not know about supported uprisings. Obviously, the events in Iran are similar.
As it will be remembered, Iran joined the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and tightened its relations with Russia. Globalists are now doing their best to break this will. We must be prepared for similar pressures. As a matter of fact, grunts have already begun against our increasing trade volume with Russia. Nobody knows this war, people “reset war” must not forget that it is
Even if nuclear threats are in the air, the main goal “contain economiestroll somehow drowning people seize their assets”. They execute their plans flawlessly through the politicians they have captured. The fact that not a single politician in Europe can stop this trend is the biggest proof of this. For example, there is great panic in the British economy. For the first time in history, the possibility of the British pound falling below the dollar appeared.

What politicians can’t get their hands on if they are in places “coups, uprisingss, military operations” row by row is coming. Two in front of Turkey There is an exemplary example. One to the West fully surrendered Ukraine, the other Iran, which appears to be completely resisting the West. Both are in clear condition.
Turkey’s only alternative is to be like Turkey. As long as we maintain the equal distance between the West and the East, our backs do not come to the ground. But even if that balance is accidentally shifted to the East or the West, we are not out of trouble.

The exemplary Ukraine ahead Continuing with the example, Putin’in the four regions of Ukraine The referendum continues. Many Like the other country, Turkey also voted for this referendum. condemned and that the United Nations He claimed it was against the law. However, for some reason, nothing the USA does is against the rules of the United Nations. However, the point that should not be overlooked in this regard is that Russia does this not to comply with the rules of the United Nations, but to comply with its own laws of the military operation it will expand.

Putinis completing its preparations for the winter that Europeans will spend by freezing. So the west side “as well asri both in terms of energy So hard days are waiting.